Newbie that doesn't know where to start!

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Hi I am new to IM. And I don't know where to start! I am only a teen so I do not have the funds for a website atm. I am looking for a way to create money with free methods. After i have a nice income i will start to make websites when i can afford them.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Sean
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      Definitely agree with the post above, get yourself a War Room Membership. One of the best investments I've made online.

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      Originally Posted by dannyadams View Post


      You are already on the right track coming here! Don't buy ANY products...NONE! If you feel like you must buy something, buy a war room membership.

      Go to the library and find business books by people like Trump, Gates, Buffet, etc. Study BASIC BUSINESS PRINCIPALS and how to run a company. Read stuff about Ford.

      After you have a basic education in business, learn the internet. The internet is no different than offline business (besides the technology behind it). The business principals always apply.

      Don't fall for the hype. No, you cannot make millions in ten minutes.

      Good luck! There are a lot of people here that are GREAT and know business inside and out. ask for help if you need it and most people will help you. Just be careful because once you get on the wrong track it's hard to get off.
      Thanks for the advice everyone! Danny i was just wondering since i am nowhere near the amount of posts to PM you back can you PM me your email so we can talk their?

      Edit: Oh and i have a bunch of PLR Articles anyone have suggestion of what to do with them?
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        Originally Posted by SeanLogn View Post

        Thanks for the advice everyone! Danny i was just wondering since i am nowhere near the amount of posts to PM you back can you PM me your email so we can talk their?

        Edit: Oh and i have a bunch of PLR Articles anyone have suggestion of what to do with them?
        With those articles, you can hire freelancer to rewrite it for you. You can also rewrite those articles yourself
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    Another great source that I just love to point out to new Online Marketers is the Search feature here on the Warrior Forums. You can use it on the front page to search the entire forum, or you can go into a focused area and search for specifics.
    Another great place to find information for free, here on the WF, is the
    You can find so much useful information there. It's scary what people try to sell when there is so much you can have for free, as long as you take the time to look.

    ~ Teravel

    "Failure is feedback. Feedback is the breakfast of champions." -Fortune Cookie

    PLR Packages - WSO

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    Definitely get a war room membership. There is thousands of dollars of free ebooks and educational material in there for you to use. Start learning now and you'll be unstoppable!
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    according to advice from friends, to learn internet marketing The first one done is set up:
    - PayPal account (already verified).
    - Domain paid, not free.
    - Paid Hosting reliable.
    roughly where I can buy a trusted domain that has been experienced by you.

    i'm newbi too..
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    As a newbie with no money to spend you can still get started right away. There are many free hosted site providers out there. Take a look at, and a gazillion other similar sites who provide a platform for you to add content while they pay the bills (and take much of the profit). Write articles for and other article sites and point your links back to your hubpage or squidoo page. Look at your stats, study your SE positions and how you got there, learn where traffic is coming from, how it arrives and what it is looking for.

    Sign up to a few email lists, suck in the free advice but learn to separate valid advice from a sales pitch. Unsubscribe from those that just send a ton of affiliate links to your inbox. DONT spend any money on anything until you have experimented with the above.

    You will, one day, need to spend money to progress - a hosting account, buying a domain etc as a bare minimum. At that point you can edit your hubpage / squidoo lens /articles to send traffic to your own site that you will be free to do with what you want, without restriction.

    But that time is not now, now is the time to learn, analyze and understand how IM works. You can do that for free, but you do have to be committed if you want to succeed.

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    I'd definitely say no to buying GURU PRODUCTS. there are lot of high quality and yet free products that you can use in the internet.

    Go for a warrior room membership (From the reviews I saw in the thread about war room) if you are an IM newbie.

    Remember: IM is not easy money. If you are in for quick riches, just forget it

    Looking to build stunning, functional landing pages that convert like crazy? Check out Optimizepress.

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    Warriors will help you tru the way Sean...

    Just like me they teach me for free.. *some.

    good luck!!
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    As the others have stated get a war room membership...I don't have one yet but it is high on my list.

    Search through the forum and find a method that interests you and try it...the members here are awesome and will help out quite a bit.

    The biggest thing I can suggest and an area that I struggle in is to focus on one method...and work it...there are so many ways to make money in IM it is easy to get lost in all the information.

    Have fun with it.
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    You can start making money right away by writing articles.It's a great way to earn handsome income without spending a penny.
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    Bluewater Give you a good advice You can start with,
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