It's September 1st -- Do You Know Where Your Goals Are?

by zapseo
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(Yes, even for my lovely Aussie client -- it's still September 1 as I write this.)

One of my bosses had a favorite saying:
"If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there."

True for IM as well as anything else. You need to set your goals so you can check and measure your progress.

Beginnings of the month are good times to take stock and figure out what you hope to accomplish this month.

You might think of your goals in terms of:
1. Minimum (must do)
2. Target -- now we're humming
3. Zone -- like in "zoned out" -- if you make all these goals in the month you'll be riding high.

They can be (and probably should be) for all kinds of things:
1. business goals
-- what do you plan to produce/create/etc
-- what do you plan on making
2. personal goals
-- e.g., weight loss, stop smoking, meditation, exercise, etc.
-- what will you read this month?
-- what will you give up this month (maybe a Starbucks? Maybe driving your car as much?)
-- cleaning your office?
-- becoming more productive?
3. celebration goals
-- I firmly believe that when you accomplish something you set out to do, you celebrate it. To not do so will hinder your success. Reward is essential. I have a friend who managed to create an email list with 200 people. I told him to reward himself. He did not, said he didn't have time. I'm not sure if that email list ever grew.
-- When you set a goal, also have some idea of how you will reward yourself. It doesn't need to be outlandish. Maybe it's a trip to get a favorite eats. Or to see a movie. Or get tickets to game. Or just take a day off. Make it according to the size of the goal. Smaller goals get smaller rewards. E.G. -- For writing your 10 articles, you might reward yourself with 30 minutes of playing solitaire.

Set up some things that you plan to regularly do. Such as read/and or learn something -- 30 minutes each day.

There may be some things here I missed ...

SO... feel free to
1. add what you think is important for creating, planning and achieving goals (yours or mine or anyone's)
2. indicate what you hope to accomplish (a few years' ago I ran threads like this on the WF every month and people seemed to enjoy them ... so I thought I'd see about bringing them back.

Actually, I'm in the middle of accomplishing one goal -- so I will get back to you with my list later....

I will tell you that one of my goals (actually left over from August) is to get 5 particular websites made up.
Another is to go through and implement the material in a course I recently took.
And I have 3 proposals I need to write. I noticed those didn't get done last month either.

Live JoyFully!

Judy Kettenhofen
#1st #goals #september
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    Great post & I completely agree.

    Setting goals & planning are essential for me. - Like the idea of rewarding youself, I'll need to keep that in mind.

    I started planning & setting goals in writing a few weeks ago by setting up a blogger blog to see how I'm doing each day & to see where I'm going.

    My blog in my sig is where I put down my thoughts, plans & goals when they come to mind.

    We are the universe contemplating itself - Carl Sagan

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    Originally Posted by zapseo View Post

    One of my bosses had a favorite saying:
    "If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there."
    Also used in a George Harrison song.

    Any Road Lyrics by George Harrison

    Nice motivating post. I was just thinking last night about my September goals but I had not spent any time getting specific. Thanks for the reminder.
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      Judy, mine are where they're supposed to be...ooops...sorry I thought you
      said gonads.

      Never mind.

      All kidding aside, if you have no goals, you have no business.

      My goals are simple.

      Be happy...the rest will come.

      It works for me.
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    30 minutes until it is September 2nd in Australia....... just saying.

    But really - I have goals; personal goals, school goals, financial goals and business goals that tie into those financial goals...

    How do you know which direction to walk if you don't have a map (maybe a GPS nowadays)? You'll end up walking in circles and be back at square 1 every time.
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    I have a couple goals in mind, and they all involve a new WSO I bought that I am putting into action (lol) I actually started about a week ago, but this month I am really going to try and ramp up my productivity.

    I also start my last year of college this month, so doing both might be hard. Actually I know it'll be hard because school is my priority, but making money is essential to surviving while in college haha.

    Anyways this was a great post, a nice one to read in the morning to get me ready for my day, Thanks!
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  • Profile picture of the author Brian Johnson
    Hey Judy,

    Solid post, marketers that make great money online do
    so based on the goals they create and also by staying
    focused and following through.

    Far, far too many poor online markers are like little
    butterflies hoping from one flower (silver bullet)
    to the next.

    People would be amazed at what they could accomplish
    if they would simply focus attention on one goal at a
    time ;-)

    It is fine to have a few irons in the fire as they say,
    but if you do not follow through ... for get making
    any sizable income.

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    We see by the end of your post, you have "leftover" goals, that "didn't get done last month either".

    There are THREE parts to Goal Setting.

    The Goal.
    The Adjustments.

    Setting a goal should have a TIME attached to it for it's completion. Otherwise, we end up with "leftover" goals and have to play catch up.

    A written PLAN OF ACTION, with as much detail, a step by step written out PLAN goes a long way to not only achieving goals, but also in staying on the TIME frame.

    And there is no "in a perfect world", so every plan needs to have as part of it's principle, an ADJUSTMENT process.

    Things come up. Life happens.

    And often get in the way of the Goal.

    So having the knowledge that ADJUSTMENTS are going to take place and including these into the goal at the get go, help you advance.

    Also, the missing ingredient is the REASON WHY for the goal.

    What is the purpose of having it, what will it do for you, where will it take you?i

    How does your short term (one month) goal fit in with the longer term goal of one year and how does that fit in with LIFE GOALS.

    My opinion is this is the part where most people fail in goal setting, they don't know the deeper reason WHY they have this goal and WHAT reaching it will do for them.

    Set a goal.
    Write out a PLAN OF ACTION (Time and steps).
    WRITE out adjustments or contingencies.

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    • Profile picture of the author zapseo

      Thank you, everyone!

      I'm really excited by the responses!

      ...Folks' goals, as well as the additional thoughts about goal setting, and the references...everything!


      I'll try to dig up the old threads, because, in those threads, I had it set up as a bit of an accountability thread. So people could post their goals (they could "hide" what some of the goals were, or the specifics.)

      And then post their progress...

      But I believe they were on the old forum software...and, uh, I had a just a few posts there...NOT! So it may be a bit tricky to track down.

      But don't let that stop you from joining in the fun!

      Live JoyFully!

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      • Profile picture of the author zapseo
        Gigabiz ...

        Yes, adjustments...and another important thing is..tracking.

        I find this especially true the older I get! The old mind doesn't quite remember things as well as it used to.

        It was only when I went to look up the websites I intended to put up last month that I discovered the "lost" proposals-to-be-written.

        So WRITING down your goals is quite important -- as well as tracking them.

        Good thoughts, everyone!

        Live JoyFully!

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    My goal for this month is to put all my effort in promoting my money i wil...Promote my FanPage on tons of bookmarks........set up Aweber to capture emails............promote with other sources......REPEAT..I like to see these efforts pay off for the new year as any promotion can take time to marainate!
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  • Profile picture of the author tantris
    Interesting post Judy.
    I find I need to strike a balance between sticking to mid nad long term goals and being flexible and adaptive but hey that's just me...
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    • Profile picture of the author zapseo
      Here's one of my favorite audios -- which you can get free from Alex Mandossian for the cost of a sign up.

      (Please note that this will take you to a site that has an affiliate link at the end. Note that the affiliate link is Alex's, not mine! So I am NOT promoting any affiliate link of mine ... and I don't know how else to provide this ...)

      It's called "Action Secrets" -- and it's well worth listening to -- more than once!

      I hope to provide some other cool resources as we go along ....

      Live JoyFully!

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  • Profile picture of the author sweety4
    I like to plan of action for achieve goal but sometimes what exactly happens, I do hard work for achieving goal but it will not completed. Even I like to plan of work for achieve goal.
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    • Profile picture of the author zapseo
      Okay, having a monetary goal is good -- but there needs to be a plan behind the goal.

      If your goal is to make $100 in X period of time -- how are you going to do that?

      You need to examine what resources you have to get you to your goal.

      For instance, I have 5 websites I want to get up.

      What's holding me back? Mostly time, and getting all the pieces together.

      The different websites nearly all have distinct ways of bringing in income.

      Putting up the websites is well within my personal competencies ... so
      I can put up websites for myself, or for others.

      If you have your goals -- You now have your aim -- how are you going
      to hit your target?

      Live JoyFully!

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    My goal's to finally make my first dollar. My articles are finally ranking in google, but are bouncing around at the moment. I gotta get them on top.
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    • Profile picture of the author sirtom
      Haha funny I should see this right now. Just yesterday I buckled down and crafted a goal list for the new month.

      I'm definitely aiming high, which is something I recommend everyone does. But don't just set goals... Take massive, unrestrained, non-doubting action towards making those goals a reality.
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