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by kenneth ifeanyi 8 replies
Hello Warriors,
This will be my first time posting since warrior forum moved to his new location-which i think its superb.

Anyway i have been contemplating on an idea, i will just give a clue to it.
what do you think about a paid membership site[lets say $9 a month] that gives you lots of business ideas that one can start and build a fortune around.A certain number of business ideas plus some 3,000 words explaing step by step guide on how to get started with each idea.

I also plan to do a backend by building a complete business and giving it out to just 1 or 2 members every month.

I will be waiting for your response before i finally get to work.

Oops,what kind of membership site software do you think fit;s what i will be doing and how much?
Thanks a lot warriors.
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