Big Bummer -- New Articles Drop My Google Position!?

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Gotta write and post articles was what I read from all those folks in the know. Get lots of backlinks to your site and increase you site's cred with google.

So I did just that. I wrote half a dozen unique articles and spent lots of time spinning them into more articles that were at least 50% unique. I did all the log ins with Article Post Robot and also submitted them to Isnare.

It's been about 2 weeks and I have watched helplessly as my page position in google continues to tumble for my main keyword. From the very top result on page 2 to about the middle of page 3 now and falling as the articles are added and indexed.

I offer a service and not a product so I'm not out there promoting aff links but looking more to drive traffic to my site and increase position on google.

So what gives???
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    Are you concentrating on keywords? If you are you probably need to just keep pounding the articles in. After doing much research on this, it seems that the successful marketers in this area sometimes post 3 to 5 articles per day.

    I am not there by any means but it seems volume, relevance, and keywords (not necessarily in that order) are the things article marketing are made of.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for both of us?

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    how do you like from the articles?
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    A combination of writing good quality articles with an effective back linking strategy will help your articles stay on top. I never spin articles that I submit to ezinearticles or other top directories as quality is very important. I've had articles in the first page of Google since 2005.

    All that being said, I often see my articles disappear from the first page of Google for a few days to a few weeks then return.

    Want to Create a Profitable Online Course?

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    I don't know about spinning but every article I write on my blog I submit to a few directories, and with each article I get higher up for my targeted keywords.


    Quality over quantity. Hire me to write highly shareable, user focused blog posts or articles.

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    Hi Snake Pliskin,

    This thread might help you:

    I'm a starter, but I am willing to try everything I can to be a successful internet marketer and chase my dreams. If you can answer any of my questions, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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    Don't worry too much about this, you do not control Google! I had a highly lucrative first page top 10 ranking for the keyword "affiliate marketing" for more than one year, and now I am on page two.

    Don't only rely on Google.

    Anyway, to have better search engines...

    Did you analyze your google competition?

    find out from where their backlinks are coming from, and do the same.

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