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Hey all,

I've been doing quite some blog writing on WordPress as of lately (my WP version's currently 3.0), and it is getting slower in editing the posts as I progressed.

Partly it's because of the frequent autosave / update feature. Seems to keep happening every time I put a small update like adding a new image, or writing a few sentences!

Is there any way I can put a suitable interval to the autosave, or disable it if that's not possible?

Also, any idea how I can clear all the past revisions? I find it takes up unnecessary space and loading posts with a long history of revisions make it slow too.
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    These links may be helpful Edmund.

    The first link is in wp-config.php
    Editing wp-config.php WordPress Codex

    This is a plugin
    WordPress › WP-CMS Post Control WordPress Plugins
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    go to add plugin and search for "revision" and look for the one by Dion Hulse called Revision Control. Once installed and activated go to settings and set the number of revisions you want to keep. The next time you make a revision it will trim the extra revisions.

    Or go to WordPress Tutorial: Managing WordPress Auto-save and Post Revision Control for instructions to disable, or set number of revisions, or change the time value by editing the wp-config.php file (or just google wordpress autosave).
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    Thanks! I went with Revision Control plugin and that did the job, thanks!
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      Good Post Edmond!

      I had also been noticing some sluggish response on my blog... and wanted to lighten the load.

      I had heard about editing the PHP DB, but... I am MUCH happier with the Revision Control plugin.

      Just went through and updated some of my posts, and it seems ALOT happier now!

      Thanks to All for the info!
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    @Pierre I was editing my WordPress blog page yesterday and it's amazingly faster without the auto-save and revision. :-) Yep, Revision Control is what I used.
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    Thanks for sharing this information. I've gotten used to this "slow" revision and update issues with wordpress. although the autosave feature is also helpful, i can blog better with the help of this plugin. Thanks again.

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