Guys Do You Tell Your Friend How Much You Make?

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Guys, I been quite stuck on how to answer this question towards friends or people..

"Do You Work?"


"Where Do You Work At?"

How Do You Internet Marketers Answer These 3 Questions?

Another one is -

"How Much Are You Making?"

I would appreciate it if you'd share your opinion and suggestions about this issue I'm having. By the way I am an affiliate marketer..

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    Lately I've been saying I market "how to ...." digital products. Which promptly causes people to yawn and change the subject. THey don't make it to the "how much do you make?" query. :-)

    ~Suzanne Ryan

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      "Do you work?"


      "Where do you work?"

      Mainly on a computer.

      "How much do you make?"

      Laugh - I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you...

      If they keep pushing?

      I guess I really don't HAVE TO tell you first...
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    I tell them that I build and promote websites.

    My friends are not rude enough to ask how much I make.
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    I say I'm a Wrighter.

    We laugh and move on to the next subject.

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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      Originally Posted by George Wright View Post

      I say I'm a Wrighter.

      We laugh and move on to the next subject.

      George Wright

      LOL! I missed this the first time around... nice one

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    my wife found out what I flipped a website for and then I had to buy her a new car, after that I learned to keep my mouth shut.

    Something new soon.

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    Do you work?
    Where do you work?
    Anywhere there's an internet connection
    How much do you make?
    I'll email you a link to one of my products

    *Then email an affiliate link to the most ridiculous over hyped BS sales page you can find.*

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      Seems like there is a cultural component involved? I live in Germany and people talk about there income completely freely and in public. It´s just normal. I that, I´d say how much it is and probably that it fluctuates most months some.
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        Oh my god... all of these literally made me laugh..

        I will definitely be using these!

        Thanks a whole bunch guys far so good with all the comments!
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    who said I have friends?

    I tell people I have a have a business doing internet advertising type stuff.

    I don't tell anyone how much I make overall. If they really want to know I will give them some example like "I just made x amount of $ by doing xyz" or something like that but I am humble about it.

    If they push more I just remind them that I also have an offline business then they will be like "oh yeah..." and then go on assuming that most of my income comes from it. Which is just fine by me, I dont really care what they think. I just know that I dont have to keep a job and they do!

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    Yeah , Specially peoples in my country dont know much about IM.
    and they talk about me telling I just spend my time in front of computer and don't do any work.
    If anyone ask me the questions you told I say them I just enjoy using my computer and computer pays me.
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