Script for sites that describe "small" experiances / life storys.

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Hi All ,

I have seen a few of these sites around (For example I had a WIN - Internet for people with self-esteem! ) .

That allow users to post a short story on a given theme, they are then held for moderation and posted.

I am wondering if anyone knows what scripts these types of sites use as i am interested in setting one up .

Thanks in advance !
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  • Depends. Sometimes they are custom built (coded) by programmers for their own website, sometimes people release a wordpress plugin.

    This looks like a wordpress plugin, so do somethnig like "keyword+ wordpress plugin" in google and you should be able to find what you are looking for.
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    Will give a wordpress plugin search.

    Im not going to code it myself as it is quicker to implement if it has already been built.
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    ANother example and probalbly the main site : FML: Your everyday life stories
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    These sites are basically setup in the style of: FML: Your everyday life stories which became very popular.

    Start looking around for "FML Clone Scripts"...

    This is one of the better ones out there: FMyLife Script Clone - Run your FML site

    Here is a demo of the script in action: Share Stories, Secrets, and Confessions | Tell About It

    Best of luck!
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    Thanks Mark,

    Thats what i was looking for will check it out.
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    I also found this one : Anekdotz - Short Stories in the Cloud..

    Its free and i assume they host it.
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    i need a script like this as well, but i need people to be able to upload images as well/ text with or without it...

    any suggestions!!
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