no copyright year on reports. A good idea!

by Trieu
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I'm writing a report is which will given away free. My intention is to make it go viral, and letting others distribute it for me.

Now, if I decide to put copyright@2008 in my report, say in 3 yrs time, my report is still being distributed virally, do you think people who read it will value the information in the report since its like 3 years out of date?

My point is, would it be better to not put the date on it at all?
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      Agreed. Having the year lends a certain degree of credibility which is extremely valuable. If you're worried about it appearing old after a year, why not give people some great value by updating your product with some new or updated information and then you can put the current year on it. Seems like it would only take an hour or two a year, depending on the product.

      If it has old or outdated information, it would be unethical to sell it as fresh new content.
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    I would put a copyright and the year. Then somewhere in the beginning of the report, put a link for "an updated copy click here" with a link back to your optin page.
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    I'm not condoning this..but what you could

    instead of adding a copyright could add an image at the bottom of your page...which says..copyright 2008 blah blah....and then in 2009, ud just need to edit the image to 2009 and reupload it...and all your pages would update with the new copyright notice
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    You could always use roman numerals so that it isn't quite as obvious that the document is aging.
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    Adding a date actually sounds like a great way to build your email list even bigger. Adding a link for updates is a great idea.
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