Ha Ha Just Found $130.19 And Didnt Even Know I , Made It

by ukcarl
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Love it when things happen you weren't expecting.

I just found $139.78 in my Clickbank account I didn't even know about.

To cut a long story short its from a campaign I started on MSN Adcentre about a week ago, but just after the campaign was launched I stopped it, the reason for this was I was not able to ad tracking.

Now for anyone who doesn't know Adcentre have recently changed things over there, this in turn has meant they changed there tracking codes, so at present clickbank doesnt accept their tracking untill they update things.

so I figured if I cant track keywords its safer just to pause it for now

Well basically I must of not paused the campaign and I looked in my analytics today and noticed $139.78 in commissions with my MSN tracking code. Now that's cool right, but check the best bit I went over to check my MSN account to find as I suspected the campaign still running but with only $9.59 spend that's $130.19 PROFIT WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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