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I am working on a couple of new websites (6 in total - if I find the time )

I intend to have several different languages such as English, French, German. Each with their own,.FR etc.

The one thing that is confusing me though is how would I set it up so that the .FR did go to the French index page?. Would I set the site up so that the French and German versions would be in separate folders and then redirect the domain to it?

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    Each with their own,.FR etc.
    Well, in my books that means you would have different - country-specific - domains for each language version. Or did I misunderstand your post?

    If they are different domains... then put the sites on their own domain. What is the question?

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      There is a free plugin available that adds a language button to each page or post. You pre-configure it, selecting the languages you want.

      When you write a post you are asked to add your translation for the languages you previously have chosen.

      So,... one domain only.

      Just run a Google search on it.
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        Originally Posted by jtpada View Post

        There is a free plugin available that adds a language button ...
        And how do you know what script/CMS (if any) is the OP using to build their sites? Assuming is a risky business...

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          Sorry I didnt make my self a little more clearer

          I will of course have separate domain names ie;

          I was wondering if I would set it up as one big site, IE have both sites in the same folder on my hosting account and simply redirect the .fr domain to the correct folder.

          or would I set up the .fr site as a completely new site under my hosting account as another addon domain.

          Silly question but if I have 2 identical sites, except one is in English and the Other is in French. Would this cause duplication issues (I would not think so as they are in different languages)

          Thank You

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    No, it wouldn't be any "duplicate issue" since they are in different languages.

    And I don't see why would you struggle with silly redirects if you have a domain for each language. Don't you have a hosting package where you can host multiple domains? That's the simplest solution...

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