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I am seeing lot of offline marketing wsos and something really intrigued me. The way everything is going on, i am feeling something strong about this whole offline marketing thing. Here's my rant+ advice+ food for thought

1) Offline marketing wsos need not to show any income proof - Ton of wsos, products are out there which just escape this vital part. I guess most of the people think, as this is offline marketing , they shouldnt expect "Paypal" or other screenshots.

This is true to some extent. But, this is really bad trend. Nobody ask for income proof and its so much easy for bad product creator to lie.

2) People think offline business owners are fool - This really make me upset. The offline product creators make you think, offline people are fools. You will go to them, show them couple of websites and they will send you thousands of dollars of check. This is completely wrong, most of these offline business owners are also cunning.

They know business inside out and you got to have some good offer to get money from them. I remember i saw one last product, where guy claimed he built facebook page for car dealer, added some friends and voila!! the dealer gave him $5k check. Thats complete bull****. You will pee in your pants once you see how offline business owners will grill you for your product.

Offline business owners are not idiots.

3) Easy money is online >>> Easy money is offline - Its really funny, from past 5- 6 years, everybody ran toward online marketing. Like they will create a website, do some magical stuff and money will start flowing. Every one with no IQ, no respect for "Business", no logical thinking joined this mad race.

Now, when people are lot skeptical about "Making money online". Everybody is showing them new candy "Make money offline". I see, now everybody is running toward offline marketing. Its again mad race toward offline world.

You got to learn basics of business. If your basics are alright, you will succeed both online and offline. There is no easy money. You got to learn the craft.

4) Whats so special about "I do nothing and still make ton of money"? - Seriously, do you really want auto pilot income? The whole make money thing is so addictive. Once you will start making money, you will work more. I remember scene from movie "heart locker". In the end, soldier return home , help his wife and do household work. Get bored and fly back to war zone. He said in film "War is addictive".

Online marketing is like a war. Once you start winning, you dont wanna stop.You just want to do more, work more and achieve more success.

Why you think people like Russel brunson, mike filesaime, Frenk kern work till date? They can happily retire, but they dont. They just cant get leave this addiction. Fell in love with your work, enjoy it. Make it your obsession, love it. You will have better life, but really successful business also.

5) Basics of Business never fails - What are these basics?

a) Research what people want to pay money for, build your product around it.

b) Hone your copywriting skills

c) If you give peanuts, you will get monkeys. Hire intelligent people.

d) Stress on steady growth. Lot of business fail, because they cant handle stress of expansion.

e) Test everything which is measurable.

f) People only listen to experts.Be an expert in your field.

g) Always keep an eye for networking in your field.

Surely, i can put thousands more "Basic laws of business" here. But, you got to learn basics. Online marketing is no different. Some newbies think, offline laws doesnt hold true for online marketing .Thats not truth, you can learn lot from offline business world and apply to online marketing.

Get some books from amazon. These books will teach you more than $10, $20 wsos.

6) Keep things really really simple - Dont over complicate things. Get a napkin, fold it, create 4 or 5 blocks. Now, put your business model in that box and try to explain to a stranger. If he gets your business model, your business will have better chance to succeed. Dont make things over complicate.

7) Porsche, fancy clothes, big big houses are dead boring - If your focus is "How i will get 2 million dollar house", then your focus is all wrong. Focus "How can i add value to my client's business" or "How i can overdeliver and make my client more happy". Thats where your focus should be and trust me, you will get your 2 million home eventually.

8) Getting success is dead boring -If you want success, get ready to do boring stuff. Lot of things, you got to do which are dead boring and provide no thrilling experience. You got to do them, obviously later you can outsource them. But initially you got to do them. I see lot of failure rate because people dont want to do "Boring stuff". Its business, not avatar movie, which give you thrill every other minute.

9) Think positive - This is really important. You will become, what you are thinking right now. If you are too afraid of failure, strap yourself for failure. Focus what you want to happen, not what you dont want to happen.

How to change it - Turn off all lights of room. Get a candle, light it up and start staring at it. Stare till you get water in your eyes, then close your eyes and you will see small reflection of light, while your eyes are closed. Focus on it. Do this every day for 45 mins. ALso, dont forget to relax for 10 mins after doing this meditation.

Do this and your negative thought switch will be off.

10) Get a whiteboard in your office and stick it right infront of you. This will boost your productivity.

11) Create your mastermind group with your mum or dad. Somebody who can whip your ass. On sunday evening, tell your dad, How much money you will create coming week and whats the plan. They wont understand a thing, but they will whip your ass if you dont follow up your plan.
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    Whats the point of all this...

    (and in response to point 8 above)

    PS. If you want thrilling join the army.. LOL
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      Originally Posted by Mike Hill View Post

      Whats the point...
      Lol, the point is "People should start taking their business little more seriously"
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