What do you think about E-Myth book?

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Well, I want to read the E-Myth book, but first I want to know the thoughts of the warriors here present.

What do you about that book?


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    It's a classic. It's right up there with Think and Grow Rich. The book is short, so you can probably read it in a day or two.

    In a nutshell...It teaches you how to work ON your business instead of IN your business.


    Working IN your business...building website, finding niches, blogging, social media, article marketing and so on.


    Working ON your business...dedicate 3 hours a week to figure out how to make your business more profitable. This time block will involve a lot of THINKING and not much DOING.

    Some of the biggest and best ideas come when you stop and reflect on your business and how to make it better.

    Again, it's a classic. You can pick it up from Amazon for like $3 or something.

    Just read it. It's good.


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    a lot of the words he used were a bit over my head.. hehe but i enjoyed the listen (we got the audio book)...definitely recommended. it helped us think about how we work our biz.
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    I read the eMyth and eMyth revisited agree with Gerber's premise that one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is working in the details of their businesses, and not on the strategy of the business.

    An entrepreneur creates a job for himself. As time goes on he gets overwhelmed with what is involved - developing and marketing the products and services - and does not have the time to grow the business in an efficient way.

    He does not find the workers or does not train and document the processes. Too much work is done by the entrepreneur or the quality fails because the workers do not do their job in a consistent fashion - in a way that the leader knows it needs to be done - or else the turnover requires constant training and drains the owner valuable time.

    In the meantime, the entrepreneur may miss market opportunities because he is not focused on the market.

    A little bit off topic, but if you do not have a Kindle, it is an excellent investment, especially the $140 version that does not have a wireless connection. Books in Chile are very expensive and the selection is not as good as the United States and Spain. The Kindle makes living in Chile or New Zealand less isolated.

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      I read it a few years back. It's an excellent book.
      I'm not selling anything.
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    Here you go watch the interview which is what I do before a read any books.

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    Well the reviews show that the book is really good, since I haven't read it I cannot exactly tell about it. But it the only criticism it receives with Gerber's approach is that it can be inflexible when dealing with the change that we all must deal with today. Employees must think in order to provide outstanding service. This is my finding of some research about the book.
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    You can download the kindle app for PC from Amazon for free. Then when you buy a book, it is downloaded right into the kindle reader on your desktop. (limits mobility, but is a way to get books ASAP and cheaply.)

    Remember, reading on a monitor,you blink 10 times less a minute than reading paper, so use eye drops or your eyes dry out and the focus changes).

    They also have free apps for phones and laptops.

    If you have apps on more than one machine, it asks which one you want it on. If you have sync capability, you can put it on the others.
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    I actually buy this book and give it to many of the small business owners when I start an Internet marketing program with them. I consider it the number one book to read for small business.

    After that come several of Seth Godins books but E-Myth is the standard in my view.

    Originally Posted by truesouth View Post


    Well, I want to read the E-Myth book, but first I want to know the thoughts of the warriors here present.

    What do you about that book?



    David Neale

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      Gerber is amazing. Ask yourself this:

      If you walked away from your business for one month and simply enjoyed yourself and relaxed, what would happen to your business?

      Hmm. If you answered that sales would drop, guess what -- you are working for your business instead of your business working for you.

      That means you are still just a worker, instead of being the BOSS.

      Let's say you are going to sell your business on Flippa. Suddenly you are under pressure to make your business as simple as possible. Why? Because you want it to be foolproof. You want to make sure the buyer will be able to take over and continue making profits.

      So what do you do to make sure the buyer will be successful? You re-arrange your business and create checklists. Like this:

      Tuesday: Woman we hired to write Press Release submits Press Release to WebWire.

      Wednesday: Guy we hired to write Articles emails 30 Articles to our VA. Our VA posts these articles at EZA.

      We pay all these people via PayPal Automatic Payments.

      Do you see? We are making our business a no brainer. We want it to run itself. Time for your vacation in Japan. ;-)

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