Getting Publicity Through Twitter, But How?

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I've been doing search marketing for many years now. That's really all I've ever done. And when the whole social media explosion happened I thought it was a fad. Something that would come and go.

I put out so much valuable content and NO ONE even knows me locally. I've tried to contact the papers about publishing stuff about SEO and PPC with ZEO INTEREST. Same thing goes for biz magazines and tech blogs.

I started a twitter account and deleted it a few months later after getting no following. I also had a wordpress blog which I posted to daily for nearly three months and only get ridiculous spam comments. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if getting noticed is all luck

The only people I interacted with were bots sending me CPA offers. What in the world am I missing here, is anyone else becoming 'popular' through Twitter and how? Would really appreciate some advice on the subject.
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