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i want to do my first ad swap, but please tell me how to do it correctly on this website.

1. i must export my e-mail list from my autoresponder accaunt, yes?
and what format of this list is better?

2.then i should create a new thread on the forum with the message
and what shall i write there?

who must send the e-mail list firstly, i or my partner?

how to prevent different fakes?

thank you, if you will help me
#make #swaps
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    It's not urgent.

    What is urgent is that you take time to read the forum rules and guidelines to learn how things are done here.

    This forum does not exist primarily for the purpose of doing ad swaps.
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    I thought someone needed to raise money to save someones life or something like that...geez...ad swaps?
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    What does the guy even want?
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      Originally Posted by seasoned View Post

      What does the guy even want?
      Steve, he wants to do an ad swap with another list. I don't know whether
      or not he has the list already or he's still looking for somebody with one.

      Essentially, he wants to know what the procedure is so he doesn't get

      A lot of times, somebody will say they will email for you and never do. It
      happens. I understand his concern having never done this before.

      Ultimately, it comes down to trust.

      If you have the bigger list then that essentially puts you in the driver's
      seat and you can dictate who sends first. If you're the one doing the
      begging (which I'm going to guess is the position this guy is in) then you
      really just have to hope you hooked up with somebody you can trust.

      I've done ad swaps ONLY with people I knew I could trust AND were
      promoting a product I could stand behind. You can really trash your
      reputation doing one with somebody who is promoting a load of crap.

      Needless to say, I don't do very many of these.
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    Go to the JV thread and start a post named "ADSWAP WANTED: I have ??? subscribers" But I guess you get your rep up first before people will start trusting YOU on there.
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    Oh damn, I had to jump out of bed, wear my thong and almost dropped a glass of water on my laptop as soon as I saw this urgent message. lol

    Look on the bright side abackdraft - you now have one post. ''from small steps a journey of 1,000 miles starts''.
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    Ross007: I'm really curious as to why you had to wear your thong?
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    Hi Val,

    errrr...errrr....That's a good question.

    I think you have to have a good sense of humour in this business. We spend half our lives on these PC's/ laptops and it's good to have a laugh now and then.

    I was copying Bond. He wears them....lol


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    As mentioned, this question really isn't that urgent. That's why you're getting the responses you're getting.

    However, as for this question...

    " i must export my e-mail list from my autoresponder accaunt, yes?"

    No. It's an ad swap, not an email list swap. Besides, did you tell your list you wouldn't sell, rent or otherwise share their info? In other words, if you have anything on your site even resembling a privacy policy, it probably says you wouldn't share their info.

    So, swap ads instead. That means you email your list with your partner's offer... and he or she does the same for you.


    p.s. Also (as Val mentioned), spend some time contributing here before you try to figure out what you can get out of this forum. The JV forum is really intended for contributing members.
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