Step By Step 5 Minute Formula to Write Eye Catching and Attention Grabbing Sales Copy Opener

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Hey Fellow Warriors,

I am a member of Warrior Forum since last 9 months and I have learned several important aspects of Internet Marketing here. Copywriting and Content Writing are just few of them. Most people know me as a Content Writer here. But I have started learning copywriting since last few months.

During my early research, I found out a very cool and under the radar sales copy opening trick which I am about to share with you people here. This is just a small gesture of giving back something useful to the community which has already given me so much to learn and implement in my IM career.

So here is my easy and step by step formula to write an enticing and attention grabbing sales copy opening in about 5 minutes. I use it in my products on regular basis.

The real fact is almost 80-90% of visitors to your sales copy will leave your page if they do not find the two things interesting and attractive.

One of them is Headline and the other one is opening portion of your copy.

According to one research, it is said that people read about 100-200 words of your copy in the beginning and if they do not find it relevant to their background then they leave immediately. This happens with almost 80-90% of sales pages. So there is a great need to focus on the two important parts of your sales copy which are your headline and sales copy opening.

Most people get stuck at the beginning because of lack of any ideas on how to actually start writing the sales copy.

This is where you need proven swipe files to use in your sales pages. These swipe files greatly reduce your time to start writing and actually complete your copy in few minutes to hours. I also use these swipe files regularly. It really helps you in getting started ASAP.

So now you know the secret to get started quickly in writing sales pages. The only big question comes here is where should we find these proven swipe files.

The solution to this problem is also very simple if you can keep your eyes and brain open. The best place to find and prepare your own swipe files is itself.

This site features several popular authors on different topics ranging from health and fitness, relationships, pet care to wealth and finance. Whatever your niche is you can find popular authors on related to your topics.

So here is my simple step by step formula to prepare your proven swipe files to write attention grabbing opening in your sales copy.

1) Visit and research the popular authors in your niche.

2) Find few popular books written by them and then preview the book with the help of Amazon's Look Inside feature.

3) You will see the first pages of these books. This is where all the meat is. You just have to copy these paragraphs and put them in the word documents.

4) Now is the time to model this content in your own words to fit to your sales copy opening.

5) Just rewrite the first paragraphs in your own words and you will have a proven swipe file in few minutes.

6) Now onwards you will always take reference of these swipe files whenever you want to write headline and opening part of your sales copy.

Whenever you get stuck at any point while writing, I recommend you to not stop anywhere. Just keep writing by taking the reference of the content in your swipe files.

Now the reason why these swipe files are pretty useful and effective is that we usually build them upon the proven copy of famous authors who already know a lot about how to keep reader's attention right from the beginning. That is the reason they are so much popular and they are able to sell their books on a daily basis on Amazon.

A Small Tip: These authors always stress on story telling part right from the beginning. We need to capitalize on this part and our copy should also start from a story if you really want to make a lasting impact on the reader.
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