Looking for thread - Guy lost Job Made Good Money Selling IM services to Offline Businesses

by AnneE
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I've tried searching for a thread and finally I'm throwing myself on other Warrior's mercy to ask if you remember and bookmarked a thread about

- a guy who had lost job
- was marketing IM services to offline businesses
- described his formula in the thread (no separate report)

This thread was quite a while ago. Basically I have a friend who lost their job and while there are many guides to making money offline now -- this thread made the whole thing sound really simple. I wanted to send it to my friend because I thought it would sound like something he could do to him. I know this was a widely commented thread and it was started quite a while ago (I'm thinking maybe a year or so).

Thanks for the help and if it doesn't ring a bell with anyone, sorry to have bothered you.

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