How much of your income is passive?

by Ben Roy 11 replies
I'm wondering, if you stopped doing ANYTHING today and just sat around waiting for checks, what would happen to your income? I'm especially interested in people that are doing this for a living, or really anyone making decent money. Feel free to answer with actual numbers if you're comfortable, or just a ratio if you don't want to disclose your income.

I'm currently making $100/month between a couple of affiliate marketing efforts and a couple adsense sites. All of the above were put up months or even years ago and haven't been touched. If I stopped doing all IM-related activities today, I'd continue to make $100 of my $100 each month until who-knows-when. I'm making $0 based on projects I am actively working on.

From ratio perspective, this seems perfect: all my income is passive. Of course, the fact that it's only $100 and that I'm not making money on anything recent is rather...depressing.

What about you?
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    Hi Ben, I recommend you building your list and sell affiliate products to your list to have an additional income. I think 100$ a month for working for years is not worth it. I began a few days ago building my list with twitter and I get 5 subscribers a day now. If you need help, just contact me. I wish you a lot of success!

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      Hey Ben,

      You need to stop and analyze everything you are doing.

      I'd say get a notebook and write down all your goals you want to achieve than you can think about how to get there.

      If you want passive income, how much?

      Let's say for numbers sake you want $5000

      Think about what would be the best way for "you". Don't try to do something because someone else is doing it.

      First chose a business model then follow through.

      So it could be adsense- since you are already doing that.

      So let's look at the numbers.

      $5000/30 = 166 per day!

      So you could have 15 Adsense website generating ~$12/day
      15 x 12 = $180

      Or it can be membership website.

      Say you have member paying $27 per month, all you would need to do is get $5000/27 = 185 persons.

      Note whichever rout you take it will take some time. But once you set your goals and work towards it you will get there.
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    whatever level of income you generate from IM either passive or not will need some maintenance and monitoring to ensure that it continues. You could argue that there is no such thing as passive income. If you write a bestselling novel you will recieve a passive income but all the work is up front and of course you still have to keep working or writing to keep your name in peoples minds so they continue to buy your books.

    As mentioned $100 isn't a great deal of income after so long a large income that you could live from will as suggested need some maintenance.

    Personally I experienced a large dip when I took a year out to travel, my income continued while I was away but halved to a little over $5000 per month. I did nothing for a year except send previously scheduled emails and freebies to my list using an autoresponder. It took me another year to recover the income, this was 3 years ago now.
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    I'd say all of my income is passive, but I agree with Owenter, you have to do some maintenance on sites or the traffic will eventually fall.

    In my experience, most sites will kind of hold their own and remain steady earners for about a year but then they start to drop off. This is for sites with lots of backlinks that I have spend some time ramping up.

    But, once the initial work is done and your sites are in "maintenance" mode, the work should be less. It's just getting enough sites so that you can earn a living with them in maintenance mode that is the trick!
    Gone Fishing
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    I would say that about 50% of my income would still be passive. I've worked up some good SEO in order to bring in organic traffic so I should still be bringing in sales. I'm still quite a ways away from where I'd like to be though.
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      My main focus is passive income - it's addictive. I guess you could say it's semi-passive as it's based on SERPs traffic, so it requires an element of promotion.

      But I'd sooner build more sites than spend too much effort trying to get them ranked higher.

      Roger Davis

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    Interesting thread. Right now about 15% of my income is passive. I'm working on a bunch of new sites though, so hopefully I'll get that up to at least 50% by the end of this year. Passive income is the key to it all.
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    now i am so sad to say that my passive income is 0.001% only. Hope can get a turn around to 10% by the next month.
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