"Unlimited" Bandwidth...?

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I'm wanting to host audio files for my subscribers- and it was suggested to get an Amazon s3 account...

Is this really necessary if my hosting includes unlimited bandwidth?

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    Its recommended for long-term.. Because initially your bandwidth may be bearable but as soon as the members and # of files increases.. load will increase! So better you kick start with Unlimited Bandwidth!
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    They say unlimited but you start using it up you will soon find out they don't mean it or they throttle so it is unlimited they just don't say the speed.
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    Like Quentin said - Unlimited does NOT mean unlimited - Ever!

    There'll be a 'fair use' clause in their documentation which means that if you use too much then they'll start charging you more or put a limit on it.

    It's one of those industry wording things they like to say but don't actually mean.

    nothing to see here.

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    Where you will run into problems on "Unlimited" bandwidth/storage hosting accounts is when your sites(s) start using too much server resources, specifically memory and CPU capacity.

    "Unlimited" hosting is doesn't really mean no limits. It should, yes. But they wouldn't be able to stay in business if it did.

    You are better off long term hosting your larger media files with Amazon S3 than on that "unlimited" shared hosting. I'm on VPS and use Amazon's CloudFront content delivery network (CDN) too, though many people do just fine without CloudFront.

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    Originally Posted by abednego View Post

    Is this really necessary if my hosting includes unlimited bandwidth?
    S3 shadows your file at datacentres close to the people using it.

    So if you suddenly get a whole shedload of Filipinos listening to your audio, Amazon will copy your files to a datacentre close to the Philippines, and they'll get better performance.

    Then if the Filipinos lose interest and a bunch of Czech DJs get into your stuff, Amazon will copy your files closer to them.

    And you don't have to know or care about any of it. Happens automagically, and improves performance for your biggest audiences without you lifting a finger.
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