How Do You Think Of Time Management Softwares?

by Darni
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Are time management softwares useful? Can they really increase your productivity? What's your opinion?
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    I tend to look more toward "productivity" tools rather than "time management" specific tools.

    Mind mapping is a great way to think things through when I'm in the planning stage. I like XMind, which is free and works on Windows or Mac.

    Keeping my thoughts and ideas organized, Evernote is a tool that I'm relying on more and more. I use it many times a day so that all the notes that I take are in one place and easy to find. It's also free and has both Windows and Mac versions.

    Oh, and when I'm doing something where I tend to get distracted and spend more time than I planned (like, say, poking around the WarriorForm :rolleyes I often use a timer on my computer to remind me when it's time to move on and get to doing other things.

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    Yes, TIME management tools are good and
    effective, but I will prefer that you master
    the act of SELF management,

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    Time management management software help a lot if you are suffering backaches i.e if you cannot handle the work which others could easily do. It depends whether your problem is really related to management of time or there is some other issue.
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    Is there any good management software you guys can recommended? I'd love to check them out and do more research about them. Thanks
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    Forgot to mention that I use my Google Calendar heavily to keep myself on track.

    Since I do consulting and set a fair amount of appointments with people I've just started using and have found it makes it much easier than going back and forth via email to find a mutual time for meetings.

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    Yes time management tools are useful. However, I find that creating a worksheet that includes your weekly or even monthly plan which you then check or cross out when you've accomplished the task is better at making yourself more productive.

    Keep a centralized worksheet, keep it itemized up to the last detail of the thing you want to do, put in a date and time target. Then work. Each time you accomplish one task, go back to it and cross is out..You'll see it's magic!

    All the best,
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    IMO time management and tasklists/todo list/ worksheets etcs are two different things but the go hand in hand. One of them is "how much time you got to do it in" while the other is "Things to complete"

    ie task 1 = 30 mins
    task 2 = 3 hours
    task 3 = 1.5 hours

    Basically map out your whole day etc

    So unless you have a built in timer or you don't sleep, you do need
    some sort of way to track the amount of time you've spent on a
    task ie countdown task list software or if you want just use the clock
    on the bottom right.
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