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Hey everybody, I am thinking of starting a authority ecommerce website any help and instruction will be greatly appreciated.
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    Do some research first then focus on what help you need. No good just asking an open question and expecting everyone to drop what they are doing and help out.

    Richard, Hong Kong
    Business Consulting

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    This question is impossible to answer just like that, sorry :-(

    The answer to your question is written in pretty thick books.
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    For a site to become an authority, your going to need several things:

    Lots of unique content

    Lots of backlinks - massive amounts of backlinks, more then a single person, or even a small group can build and from other popular sites.

    Age - sites do not become an authority overnight. It could take maybe 5 years before a site is recognized as an authority.

    Go take a look at wikipedia, huffingtonpost, the daily beast, cnet, pcworld, eweek, cnn, foxnews, yahoo news,,,,,, for some examples.
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