Would this tool have any interest among IM folks?

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Hey all

currently we are working on a new small software tool.

Imagine having an icon on your desktop called drag-to-pdf or something like it..

if you have a .doc .jpg .png .html .whatever you simply drag this file on top of the icon on your desktop, and the software automatically converts the file to PDF and places this new file on your desktop (or whereever you wish).

You do not have to open up software and search through your computer for the file just drag and drop...

Would you find such a software tool useful?

which file types would you like the software to be able to convert.

Finally, would $9 be an appropriate price tag for such a program?

Kind regards
Henrik Poulsen
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    I think it would be useful, yes, but the most important thing (for me, anyway) would be the ability to keep text links intact. That's where most converters fail. They'll work with a standard link format (http://...) but not with an anchor text link.
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    I'd find it useful.. could be a nice time saver. There's plenty of free options out there but they are a bit of a hassle to use.

    Now, software that converts video files that easily would be really up my street.. flv to avi, avi to mp4 etc
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    I use CutePDF (free) which allows me to "print" a file to PDF. It does keep the links there which is handy. It is compatible with any application that has an option to print. So it can cover .doc .jpg .png .html etc.

    It doesn't seem like a lot of hassle to me as I already have the application open I want to print from.

    I make heavy use of it for doing my bookkeeping - to keep receipts in electronic format and backed up so I can later print out if required.

    I don't use it much for eBook creation, but the couple of times I have it has been pretty good.

    So your app would need to do something special for me to try it out.

    Sorry I couldn't be more enthused , but you have done a wise thing to ask. I did the same as you for another idea and it's good to hear the reactions of your market.

    If you do code it, I have once extra comment - I think you should consider right click menu instead of (or as well as) drag-drop. The annoying thing about drag drop is you have to size up your windows (un maximise and move) and get them next to each other to do it. But if you have the file open in explorer a right click is available without that hassle.
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    It may be useful if it provides some useful featuters of a pro Software. You can use a context menu or a dialog box interface to choose options.
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    Thank you all for your feedback.

    I would think a video conversion tool that can do this is a bit more trouble to make

    we will look into whether or not it is possible to keep anchor links on the conversion.
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    That sounds pretty useful. I think many others will agree. I catch myself trying to convert different file formats all the time.
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