Newbie Wordpress Blogger Stranded!

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It's my first foray into blogging. I'm trying to create a niche blog, one that is in the Starcraft 2 niche.

Problem is, I've got totally no freaking idea how to do things in Wordpress. and neither do I have any knowledge on how to structure a blog.

Sure, I've heard of stuff like autoblogs etc. But those things hardly interest me. I'm looking to create a REAL blog in my area of passion i.e. gaming.

Currently I'm using the Revolution Church Theme as my blog theme. I think it's an awesome theme, just that I have no idea how to work things out using it.

Take for example...

I spent the last hour before writing this post, trying to find a way to add those little thumbnail images onto my featured posts exercpts on the front page of the blog.

End result? Failed miserably.

Is there any kind/experienced warrior who knows of a blog designer who can design my blog for me, and then take the time/effort to show me, via screensharing or Skype, how to work my wordpress blog?

Mister Bryan
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    I really really don't recommend you wasting money on getting a blog designer. Wordpress is really easy, Bryan!

    First of all, if you are going into the gaming niche you do want to choose a great looking theme (taking Starcraft 2, go for dark, but cool looking themes). Gamers aren't regular visitors, they are more internet savvy, they need better looking websites.

    About the structure of the blog. There is no rocket science here either. Just structure the blog in the way you would love to use it. Don't put too many useless things (like big clock, or calendar or stuff like that, they just take place and there are no use of them).

    And if you want to learn wordpress I really recommend you to hit the youtube. This is truly the best place to learn. Just type in wordpress tutorial, or wordpress for beginners, and I'm sure you'll learn it in a couple of days!

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      Mister Bryan,

      Just so we are clear.

      Wordpress is the blogging platform,
      Revolution Church is the theme.

      There are a lot of things you can do with Wordpress.
      But they may not all function with your theme without
      doing some modifications.

      Katie gave one really good suggestion
      go to Youtube and search for WP tutorials.

      I would think the designer also has some type of tutorial,
      most do. If you are using the Revolution Church Theme that
      sells for $249.00 they better have some information.

      Another thing you can do is get a free Firefox plugin called
      "Firebug" this allows you to click on an area of your blog
      make changes to it so you can see what it looks like and
      it tells you where in your theme editor to make the changes
      so they are permanent.
      "Nothing Happens Until Something Is Sold"
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    If the theme came with its own set of options (which will typically show up on the left sidebar of the dashboard...somewhere) you can usually find how to do certain things there (like post thumbs etc). Otherwise turn to Youtube and get some free instruction there. LOADS of it and probably even for your specific theme. This search showed quite a few results.
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    well said!
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