Problem With Firefox and Google This Morning

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Is this just me? This morning when I try to search on Google, I type the search term into the text box and click to initiate the search. I'm correctly provided with a list of websites matching the search term, but until now I've then been able to click the "More" drop-down on the left of the screen and select "blogs", but for me at least, this no longer works in Firefox. I tried the same thing in IE and there the left drop-down works just fine.

I've tried on two computers with the same results
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    I am not having any problems but I know Google went "instant" so maybe that is having an impact.
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      I tried it two different times with two different keyword phrases and this is what happened.

      The first time the "blogs" link automatically appeared on the left side and on the second time the "more" button brought down the list and blogs was on it.

      Seems like Google has changed somewhat.

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        I just don't get it. I'm continuing to get the same results with both my computers. Yesterday I did a lot of research and everything was fine. I've tried logging in to Google - no change. I'll try disabling my various Google add-ons and see if that makes a difference :confused:
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    maybe some issue with local computer.

    Firefox is working fine at my end too
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    I use Firefox and everything is working fine. It sounds like you have a glitch somewhere.

    Are you running the most current version of Firefox?
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    It can't just be you because I haven't been able to open Firefox correctly.. it keeps crashing on me. So I changed homepages and voila! It works.
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      Is impossible for any browser to work witjout any error...
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