Sound stupid ... but your list is REAL.

by Big Al
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Short and stupid - bit like me : )

I've got a smallish list and go through phases of trying different ways to ... er ... interact.

You see I don't subscribe to the 'you must build a relationship with your list' to make money because I'm on loads of lists where the recipients probabaly haven't a clue who the list owner is.

They just wanted that free report and handed over their email - then get daily offers.

Nothing wrong with that ... it's a business model and it works. Some of my favourite affiliate marketers do exactly that.

Not to mention that it depends on your traffic source and a few other variables.

Anyway ... like I said ... I try different things and ways to communicate with my list to see how my results change.

Last week I got a few replies ... sure my links weren't quite working : ) ... but my list piped up and had a word, they sent me some emails.

It was nice to know they gave a s***.

Some even asked for some personal help. First time it has happened ... it made me feel more responsible for information I send out, the products I promote and the way I treat those REAL people who may well do whatever I say ... just so I can have have another Starbucks (... that's the craze these days ... right?!)

Anyway ... do what you like - it's your business model ... but I think it's changed my outlook. Will be more or less profitable ... who knows but if I end up with skinny kids - you'll probably be able to work it out.

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    We sometimes make all of this complicated when it really isn't at all. The vast majority of people who come here the first time are just looking for ideas to make some money online. Period. Stop thinking about it right there. There's just not much more to it than that.

    So... you offer them something that will help them move toward that goal and they agree to sign up to your list in return. Doesn't take rocket science to know what to do next, right? Keep feeding their need. Supply them with more good info. You're helping them! It's human nature (unless you're a sociopath or got some other screw loose) to feel gratitude for that. That makes people feel like reciprocating. So then you start asking them to spend some of their money on more in-depth information and action plans you come up with. And/Or, you start sending them to information other people have created that you've seen and believe to be worthy of their attention.

    The end. That's all list marketing is when you get to the heart of the matter. It's someone who knows about it helping others who don't, but want to learn.

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