PayDotCom List Building (Instructions/Script Included)

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Hi all, so I am just joining this forum and thought I would offer up something that I hope those who have your own hosting, domain, and autoresponder will find useful.

I have here my PayDotCom list building system. This script is a variation on what I had set up for Simon Leung when I helped him with his launch in 07.

Since then I have been using this script to sell my own paydotcom product while at the same time turning each one of those customers into affiliates who would be also directly building my list.

The following is a way that you can set up a paydotcom product as your one time offer using an opt in page as your landing page then sending them to that one time offer.

Your paydotcom affiliates would then be promoting your product and building your list for you. A strategy I have been using for sometime now with great success.

To start this you will need to have your own domain and create the following files:


Add the following codes into each file:

- will have an opt in box for sign up in
exchange for a giveaway item.
Place this code at the top of index.php:
setcookie("affid", $_GET["id"], time()+2592000);

*offer.php - will have your offer for the paid product sales page
and have a link to thankyou.html that lets them continue on
to the free download if they don't want your offer.

*thankyou.html - will have the free download package on it.

*thankyou2.html - will have the paid download package on it.

*process.php - Contains the following code (edit your-site):
//$URL = "Location: websitelink/offer.php?id=".$_COOKIE["affid"]."";
header("Location: websitelink/offer.php?id=".$_COOKIE["affid"]."");
header("Location: websitelink/offer.php");
//header("Location: websitelink/offer.php"); // this is non affiliate link

*Second.php - Contains the following code:
echo $_COOKIE["affid"];

*Third.php - contains the following code:
setcookie("affid", $_GET["id"], time()+2592000);

Paydotcom instructions:

Click on create a new product, fill out name of product, description, and price.

Go down to sales page url, this is the url where they will opt in to get the free graphics. The index.php page.

The thankyou url is gonna be thankyou2.html click next step and choose what percentage you want to give affiliates, click add. skip next step and click save. and then click "I am done"

Next go to View/edit products click on make payment button. This button link will be placed on offer.php

Next go back to view edit products and click on promotion tools,
this is where you create and provide emails and banners for
marketers to promote your graphics pack.

Also if you click on view affiliate pages then you will see the
special link you have to give on your thank you page for people
to have a choice to affiliate with your product through paydotcom.

Autoresponder instructions:

login and go to autoresponder options change
verify url to offer.php

Then go to autoresponder management - edit messeges standard
scroll down to the bottom of the page where you see a form to
input a subject and message body.

This is the first email people will get when they click the verify

You can make this one say thank you for signing up for.... and give
them a direct link to thankyou.html for the free download of the
product they opted in for.

You want the redirect after confirmed optin url to be your-site/process.php
and add some text like opt in below in the subscribe to form top text part
and then click on create my form, copy and paste that code on your
index page.

That's it, you will be all set, I hope many out there can put this simple strategy to work in their business. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
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