Offering a Bonus as an Affiliate

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Is it possible, as an affiliate to have someone make a purchase on a vendor
site through my hoplink (CB or CJ) and, AS A RESULT, me be able to somehow automatically
(via email or something) give them a bonus? I know I can set up something so
they come back and enter something manually and show proof and I validate the
proof and then send them back a link to a download page, but is there a way to
do that automatically?

Thank you!
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    No dude, you want to do it manually. Either yourself or your support desk.

    You have them send a copy of their paypal receipt, then email them your bonus.

    It's the best way to do it. If you want to automate it, hire someone to be your help desk and send it for you.
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    I've seen this automated on one account, but it requires you (preferably) know the merchant and strike the deal with him.

    Basically you request to have a customized page on the merchant's website just for you. This can be a replica of the merchant sales page, or even your bonus page.

    Send the traffic there. When a customer buys, after purchase he goes to the thank you page, download both the main products and your bonus products. You still get credited as an affiliate. And it's automated as you don't have to do the delivery yourself.

    That's one example of bonus delivery automation I've seen done so far, and also the most secured. Ideal if you're expecting a lot of sales and bonus requests. Hope this helps!
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    Originally Posted by valjean View Post

    is there a way to do that automatically?
    There's a way for the vendor to do it automatically on your behalf; that's all. You need to have your own private copy of the sales page (it can have your hoplink programmed into it, too, so you don't need to use your own hoplink, just that page's URL). I have one of these myself (by arrangement with an obliging vendor) and it works brilliantly.
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