Cdn needs US bank acct to sell on Amazon - help!

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Hi all, I'm CDN and have a product I wish to sell on (Not .ca).

In order to do this, I need to have a US bank account.

I am quite sure I could probably work out the details between myself and Amazon and a US bank but wondering if anyone has gone down this path before and has any advice?

What US banks are the best? have the lowest fees?

Any other CDN's selling on

Many thanks for any and all advice.

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    It's so easy to open a US bank account, especially if you are not far from the border, why not just do that?
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      Many of the US banks are reluctant to open accounts for foreigners (unless you have a lot of money). They are even reluctant when you show up at the branch with all your documents and such (at least in my experience).

      Have you considered talking to your Canadian bank? Many of them now have subsidiaries or branches in the US. Some have bought out smaller US banks. If you have a relationship with the Canadian bank, then you may have an easy way to get a US account opened. Beware that the tellers won't know - you will need to talk to the manager at least, or call their head office...

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