How many hours per week do you spend "really working" online marketing

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How much time each week would you say you spend really doing Internet marketing and not browsing and what not?
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    Here is my best guess, and it is NOT limited to the IM field. It relates to anyone with an office job in front of a computer.

    I guess that most people do no more than 2 hours or real work (productive work) per day.

    This is based on years of office observation combined with some of my own measurements on days when I thought I was "getting stuff done".
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    20-25 hours lately per week before it was a lot more but know my biz runs on autopilot. But I am always concentrating on bringing in more and more traffic.

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    I think that I needed at least 6 to 8 daily hours to manage all of my business, but as I can't spend that much time, I've spent all my vacations training my outsourcers so now I spend a minimal time.
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    Originally Posted by Thomas Michal View Post

    How much time each week would you say you spend really doing Internet marketing and not browsing and what not?
    At first it was 100% browsing.

    The 2nd year it was about 75% browsing.

    I've finally gotten it down to about 25% browsing this year,
    and doing MUCH MUCH better
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      Originally Posted by Andy Kobe View Post

      At first it was 100% browsing.

      The 2nd year it was about 75% browsing.

      I've finally gotten it down to about 25% browsing this year,
      and doing MUCH MUCH better
      You've got it dude, I did the same too!

      I'm still surfing and writing at the same time.

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    60-80. Full time work. Love it!

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    During product creation and set-up: 50-60 hours a week but in between all that only 20 minutes a day productive work.
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    I spend daily 15-20 minutes for creating good content and 20 mintues to do the seo of my website.
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      Originally Posted by ricky001 View Post

      I spend daily 15-20 minutes for creating good content and 20 mintues to do the seo of my website.
      With seo if you did it right the very first time you would never have to bother with it again. I SEO over half of my sites and consistently build links to them. After i have built the sites. I only come back to them every now and again to add more content or maybe change the offer on a few of the pages of the site. I have never had to go back to the same page and reoptimize. I only have 2 sites out of 15 that are not seo. Although I have been debating on whether or not to optimize those pages or just let them run since they get decent traffic and have pretty good pr. For one is a year and 2 months and has a pr of 3-4 and the other is just about 2 years and I never really built it up as I should have but it still ranks pretty good for a few given high search terms with out being optimized.
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    At the early stages, learning & absorbing information is key I believe. Personally not that many hours, this ultimately will depend on your current projects, websites, products etc as the more experienced may have to invest more time into such things compared to others as the scale of the business is smaller.
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    only doing about 1hr a day currently until i complete some other things i have going on
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      The less the better. When I strictly limit myself, e.g. 20 minutes a day on the WarForum, I can achieve much better results than having the whole day...
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    For me it really depends on how much time I can put in a day. Since I basically live out in bfe where the only high speed offered in my area is hughes net. Which I thought would be ok at first since I wasn't building new sites. However hughesnet downfall is the fact they have a download restriction set on everyones account. There for even when I am just doing some simple keyword research I am very limited to how much I can do in one day. If I go over the 375mb limit I pay for my service is lowered all the way back to dial up basically for 24hours. That is minus the no restriction times from 1am cst to 6am cst. There for I do make sure I try to do as much of the task in that time that really eat away at my plan. However in that time I am also doing other things, So I do not get the whole 5 hours of work there.

    Anyhow I have a pretty good strategy to working around all the restrictions I have with hughesnet. During the no restriction times I run all my keyword research tools to find all my main keywords. Once I have all my main keywords I then go out and find the information I need to product my promotional articles and videos. I then make sure to build what pages I need for the next day and or add in my ar messages. by the time that 6am comes I now have all the information I need to start creating the content for all my sites and or promotions. There for I can simply go over all the information gathered during the no restriction time off line.

    I then produce the articles completely off line during the day and publish them once the no restriction time for hughesnet comes back on. Granted it may not be the best way to get things done. It may also take me a whole lot longer then when my connection was going through a t3 line from comcast with no restrictions when I lived in the city. So I guess you can say I do actually work for atleast 7 hours a day total. Just most of my work is not done online through out the day but in the weeeeee hours in the morning. Oh almost forgot I catch a few zzz after the restriction time comes back on and then produce my content and articles through out the day.
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    Probably 5 to 6 hours a day....but I also do offline work for local clients so add more hours for that. I'd rather work even longer hours at this, than shorter hours at a regular job.
    The hours don;t matter so much as the quality of the work performed.
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    as far as affiliate IM i spend very little time. i have some people that develop affiliate sites and rank them initially for a good price, so that is pretty much set and forget it. as far as the service businesses i run, it can get time consuming. i try to be available on my days off and even days i work to answer any questions and concerns as fast as possiblle.then there's the monitoring performance of workers, etc. so i'd say i can easily spend 3-4 hours a day on that side of things, but a few minutes on looking at the affiliate side of things.

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    As a full time IM i need to spend 50-60 hours a week..
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    How much time are we spending reading about how much time we are spending and how much time are we spending spending time working
    Hmm something interesting to say...
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    Only 1 hour! I'm still a newbie to this and really don't know where to start marketing to get traffic to my site
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    Interesting variety of answers!

    I'd say I spend around 8 hours daily. Sometimes I work much longer, but sometimes much less if I get into the "procrastination" cycle.

    But I don't necessarily think it matters how many hours you put in - some people working 30 minutes a day could get more done than people working 10 hours a day, if they're focused on the right work.
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      5 - 6 hours a night/ 35 - 40 hours per week, and it would be a lot more if I didn't have a day job!

      Like anything, it seem like the more time you spend on it, the better the results. However I am also a firm believer in balancing work with personal time, therefore, 60 hour weeks would be my cutoff point.

      hope this helps...thanks

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      • May be 8-10 hours. But when I´´m not really working I´m thinking about it.
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    I think it really depends. I do not measure the hours I dedicate to it but rather the success I achieve through the work I get done. Do I make time for family? Of course I do, I have no choice, with a husband and teenage daughters at home, movie time is an obligation. Therefore, I take this like a real corporate job, except that my office is at home. I start at a given time, and on occasion put in additional hours. But when its family time, its family time and work completely STOPS.

    I also say, when you love what you do, the amount of work or effort you put into it really does not matter at all. Because often enough, WE do NOT notice it.
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    I put in 2 to 5 hours a day as time permits, but if I actually get 30 minutes of money making activities done it is a good day.

    Unfortunately, I am a slow learner and have a great deal to learn.

    Conversely, some day I'll know some of it and that will be easy (productive).

    Good luck to all and thanks for the support.

    Please read the sig file rules

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    I spend 20 to 25 hrs per week "really working" online. Combination of Google/Yahoo PPC, Facebook PPC, Social Networking, writing blogs, articles and making videos. I actually don't really call it work, I call it fun. I love being full time Internet Marketer. :-)

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    Well, I don't do online marketing at all these days as I moved
    OFFline, so in that respect, I spend less than 1 and 1/2 hours
    a week making a few phone calls and...that's it. No physical
    outlay, no typing, no backlinking...none of that anymore.

    Funny how I came online to escape the mentally exhausting
    work and for me, it was offline the whole freakin time.
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    Around 10-14 hours
    Submitting to Article directory's Articles i have prepared in school ( I don't like to listen to edumation unless i'm in business ^^)
    Submitting my Urls in RSS Feeds and Social Bookmarking sites.
    Going on Facebook + Twitter getting targeted buyers.

    Ní hé lá na gaoithe lá na scolb - The windy day is not the day for thatching.

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    I was spending 80+ hours a week actually working, meaning actually writing php code and testing processes. Now that my family situation has changed drastically I am not spending as much time working since I don't have as much time to be online as I used to have but I'm still trying to manage at least 4 actual work hours per day.

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  • Too many hours
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    Probably spending around 50 hours a week
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      Used to be 8-10, but now it's probably 16. Sometimes I forget what day it is. I'm not struggling by any means, I'm more so throwing myself into 10 different projects at once.
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    I spend 4-6 hours actually working. I usually spend another few hours reading and watching instructional videos, etc.
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    For me it is a balance thing. I spend at least an hour in the morning going through two email accounts and checking traffic stats etc. I spend probably four hours a day in my own product creations; if I am writing for other people that can be ten to 14 hours per day depending on deadlines but I would only do that a couple of days a week. All up in a week I would spend say 25 hours making "now" money; another 20-30 hours making "future" money (my products); and the rest of the time I am learning or going through the forums. It has been a lot easier to do this since the kids left home, lol.

    Best wishes
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    Hey all, I am new to the forum, so please be gentle. I only got into Internet Marketing a short while back, but have an amazing mentor, I now work full time from home and probably put in about 8-10 hours a day.

    I think that as soon as I have managed to put all I am learning from an amazing mentor into practice and manage to have 2 or 3 fully automated sites of my own up and running this will be able to be reduced considerably.
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    My sites are mostly on auto-pilot now... and I have a pool of guest bloggers helping me with new content... so I would say "very little"...
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