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Hi all!

Well actually I lied, I have two questions!

1) If your advertising a free e-book give away as hook for collecting email addresses, do you recommend putting you affiliate links within the free e-book or reserving them for your list marketing?

2) How many emails do you send to your list before you advertise your affiliate links?

Many thanks,

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    I would put in both (e-book and then the first email),but that is just an opinion from me.
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      Sam, here's one take on it...

      > Go ahead and put affiliate links in the free ebook - if they add value for the reader, not just your bank account. For example, if your free ebook is about "list building", you probably want to include at least one link to an email service, right? It would be perfectly natural to link to a service like Aweber or Constant Contact, so why not make the link an affiliate link?

      In other words, if you would include a link anyway, and you happen to be an affiliate, use the affiliate link.

      In the interest of transparency, I'd include a blurb somewhere in the ebook that some of the links may be affiliate links.

      > If you will be using your list for selling, you want to condition your subscribers to seeing offers from you. They don't have to be hard-sell, and they don't have to be in every email. But you should have a link to something they'll find valuable in every message, to 'train' them to click on links you provide.

      I use the same criteria as above - if a link to a resource would be valuable anyway, and I happen to be an affiliate, I use the affiliate link.
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    Is it an Internet Marketing book?

    If it is there is an argument that says you would be better leaving them out if you want to build trust with your list.

    Try and sell IM products that protect your link too ... these tend not to be clickbank

    I am beginning to look at this whole area for my own business

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    John's right, especially in that 2nd blurb comment. I see the "training" you want to do to consist of two parts:

    1. Get members used to opening your emails. You do this by providing really great content in your emails. Make them anxious to get your next email.

    2. Only link out to really superior resources and products, so your members get real value by clicking.

    Get both right and you'll write your own ticket. It sounds trite, but honestly, you just have to always think like you're a member of your own list. What would you like you to send you. If every email satisfies that requirement, your success is pretty much inevitable.

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