where can i find quality PLR articles

by elis
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where can i find quality PLR article ? how do i know how many marketers allready used this article? what kind of problem i might have ( duplicate content and etc), what should i need to aware of regarding PLR ,and best places for quality PLR

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    Tiffany Dows PLR Mini Mart ... great quality plr at good rates

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    Yeah ... I buy Tiffany's also
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    If your looking for high quality PLR articles you can check the WSO section here but depending what niches your interested in, why not try paying someone for unique articles.

    Another option, is to join a PLR membership site although most offer more than just PLR articles, such as a complete PLR package.

    You need to be aware of the terms which come with the PLR articles, also ask for a sample to check the quality and ask if they are unique, if your unclear about anything always ask.
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    I answer to the first question, I also use Tiffany's PLR on some of my sites. In relation to the later questions, you won't get "in trouble" for posting the PLR as is on your own sites (but make sure to check the terms of the PLR you buy as each can differ as to what you can and cannot do). However, you'll usually see better results if you differentiate your PLR a little from other buyers who've also used it, by writing it in your own words or adding to it etc.

    If you want to see who is already using a PLR pack you could try copyscape.com - don't be surprised if a lot of people are already using it, that's the whole idea behind PLR, which is why it's best to rewrite it to keep your sites more unique.
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    Yes, I completely agree with Ruth P.

    You need to make your PLR totally unique by rewriting it in your own words or you can use a reliable writer to rewrite it for you.

    Either way, you will need to put unique versions on the Internet when you are going to market your products using PLR content. There are many people who use PLR content as it is without a single modification.

    So unique content gives you a competitive edge over your competition. To check uniqueness of your PLR content, you can also download a free duplicate content checker software named as "DupeFreePro". It is freely available and you can find out duplicate versions of your PLR with this software easily.

    It is always a good idea to check your PLR license which gives you a thorough idea about what kind of publishing rights you have for that particular PLR. Read the rights carefully and take action accordingly.

    Google is your best friend when to find quality PLR websites. PLRwholesaler.com, NicheRockets.com, Tiffany's PLR site are some of quality places to buy decent PLRs.
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      is new and offering unique articles at 2c a word.
      Behind The Smile ~ the Story of Lek, a Bar Girl in Pattaya, Thailand ~
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    Matt Callen's Simply PLR have good quality PLR. I think it's simplyplr.com
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    Hi Elis,

    We currently offer the worlds largest catalog of Unrestricted PLR Articles...

    Private Label Rights Articles are written by ghostwriters and allows you to add you own name as the author
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    Hi Elis, there are quite a few PLR sources out there and Tiffany Dow's is a great one. Were there any topics that you are looking for in particular?
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    I'll second Tiffany's PLR - great stuff. Martin Avis of kickstart has just started a new plr membership site and while I've not tried it yet - he's a great writer and I can highly recommend him.
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      My wife (and ex English teacher) and I (a pro Internet marketer) have recently launched our own membership site for plr articles with the stated intention of creating a new gold standard for quality.

      Having been a bigtime user of private label for years I know just how wonderful it is to make money from other peoples' work!

      Martin Avis publishes Kickstart Newsletter - Subscribe free at http://kickstartnewsletter.com
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    Don't buy any PLR if you're concerned about how many others have used it. If you have that doubt in your mind, just create your own content or use the money to hire a writer.
    Retired Internet Marketer.
    Gone Fishing....
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      My articles are internet marketing based, but the quality and price you can't beat.
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    The WSO section is the best place to find all the latest PLR articles on offer. If you can't find any related to your niche, try 8000+ Private Label Rights,PLR Products Master Resale Rights, Resell Rights, Private Label Right, ebook, video, articles. Worlds largest catalog.

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    I, myself, buy from Nicole Dean at EasyPLR
    Tiffany Dow at Plrminimart
    Alice Seba at Privatelabelcontent
    Rosie Cottis at Flamillion

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    You may want to try searching google for [niche] PLR + Warriorforum and you will see multiple PLR WSO's in your niche, for instance "dog training PLR + Warriorforum" or whatever. That's how I find PRL's in any niche


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      Depending on the niche you need, I may be able to help. I have weekly PLR article subscriptions in five niches, all written by experts and strictly limited for licenses.

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      ***Especially if you don't have enough time, money, or just plain HATE writing***
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    Allow me to propose that an alternative source for PLR articles this site (with the option of free access)
    iConsulting Store-Thousands of Private Label Rights and Master Resell Rights Products.
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      Hi, you can check the duplicate content by copyscape.com, is pretty cool.
      Or you can manually copy some phase of the article, paste in the Google and click Search, if there are duplicate content, will be show up, make sure you add in " " in your phase as well.

      You can get PLR content in JV giveawayevent or super-resell.com (Monthly subscription)
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    What subjects are you looking for with PLR articles?

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