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I am a newbee to all this marketing and am reading and trying to understand.

I have a couple of PR's out...I have pursued an amount of SEO (WP SEOPressor) was thinking of doing a few articles based on the same stuff as my Press Releases (good or bad idea does everything have to be totally unique???).

I was wondering what some of you might do in my situation in trying to build a good white hat business in a unique niche?

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    As long as you don't quote verbatim from the press releases, you should be okay. Just re-write the material for your articles.

    - Nightowl
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    Yes, you need to rewrite your press releases to make them suitable for article directory submissions. Here are some tips for you:

    1) Re-write your PRs in conversational style.

    2) Make at least 3 unique versions per keyword.

    3) Submit first unique version to EZA, then second to Buzzle.com and other to multiple directories.

    This way you can maximize your PR exposure.

    If you want you can also convert your PR into audio and submit it several Podcast directories.

    Make video and submit to video sites and submit ebooks to ebook publishing sites like Docstoc and Scribd.
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    • Nightowl and im2010...This is exactly what I was looking for thank you so much for giving me target to shoot at.

      I'm sure this helps other people as well...

      All My Best!
      The C.I.
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  • Just think about it this way:

    A press release has "newsworthy" content. Either something new that you are announcing, a service, a program or even a site launch. It usually CAN include company information, as long as you are NOT selling.

    An Article is an informative piece, where you discuss a particular topic related to your niche or site using your keywords. An article should not make direct reference to your site, as most directories DO NOT accept it.

    Can they overlap information? Certainly. Should it be quoted exactly the same? I suggest not doing so. Try re-writing everything you can to make it sound as unique as possible. But, in addition to uniqueness never forget about quality. Provide quality information and present it in a keyword balanced, easy to read format. Think about a real person reading it and reacting to what you wrote. Forget about Search Engines. If you think about the reader, the search engine will catch up to your content. Both, in your Press Release and in your Articles.

    Good luck!
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    • ContentArticleWriter,

      Thank you for chiming in as that helps me get in the "zone" of article writing for several submissions. Maybe one just has to pretend that they are talking about the same thing to different people using their creativity to approach the same topic from a different angle...

      The C.I.
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