How To Use Camtasia For This?

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Hey Warriors,

Anyone using Camtasia to record Powerpoint slides?

I have tried using Camtasia to record Powerpoint slides. Sure, it works, but when I render the video and produce it, there's always this big, thick black border surrounding the slide video.

However, when I see other slide videos by other IM'ers, there isnt such a thing. Their slides video fills up the entire online video player. No black border parts visible.

Is my settings wrong when I record it? if so, what should be the correct settings? Please help.

Mister Bryan
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    If I use Camtasia to record a PowerPoint presentation,
    I don't usually use the Camtasia PowerPoint plugin.

    Instead, I simply set Camtasia to record the full screen
    and then I put the PowerPoint presentation on full screen
    too and record away.

    Press F9 to record or pause, and F10 to stop recording.

    The black bar problem depends upon the aspect ratio of
    your input and output resolutions. If they match - there's
    no black bar. If they don't, you get a black bars.

    I normally set my computer screen resolution to 1024 x 768
    whenever I'm recording with Camtasia even though my actual
    screen is a widescreen and can cope with 1680 x 1050.

    Dedicated to your success,



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    I drop the screen resolution all the way down to 800x600 and then record full screen with the powerpoint plug-in.

    By doing this, I have not had any problems.

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    Just make sure your slide presentation has the same ratio page set up as your screen so if you record full screen it fills it.

    Otherwise adjust your captyure area and run the powerpoint in that area.

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