For an online video subscription site: Joomla or Wordpress?

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For this task, which is the better tool? I know Wordpress somewhat--but can it handle it?
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    depends on what you're trying to do.
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      That site does not appear to be Joomla! or Wordpress. It is some other script.

      But you can do a video subscription site on Joomla! or Wordpress.

      Wordpress will likely be easier.

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    You could do it with either. It would really depend on what type of traffic you're expecting to have. You may also want to consider Drupal. I've used it for a few sites, and for something like this, it may be what you're looking for.

    Really, it all boils down to what you feel comfortable using. WordPress could handle it. Their site looks like it was built with Visual Studio.
    Don't get so wrapped up in making money that you forget the important things in life.
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    When people ask which software they should use I always answer with whatever software works for you, one that you can work.

    I am a big Joomla fan and that site could easily be done but you need to know the basics.

    If you want any pointers just ask.

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    I agree with John. I myself, is a Joomla fan. But wordpress is much easier to use if you are not too savvy with html or php. Joomla is more open to better plugins and looks more professional to me in my opinion.
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    I have a WordPress course so, obviously, WordPress is my choice. I used WishListMember to turn WordPress into a membership site for my video training. It's a super-easy plugin. It had some bugs when WordPress went to version 3.0, but they've got that worked out now. They are coming out with a new version of WishListMember this week.

    The combination of WordPress and WishListMember is fast and easy (just what I like).

    John P
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