A Little Clickbank Mystery? Can Someone Explain This!

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Hello Warriors,
Every now and then I see something I can't explain buy may be easily explainable. So I figure I would ask here to see if anyone knows what I am experiencing.

Ok. I get email from guru about new product launch that he is an affiliate of and how if I buy through gurus link I will get bonuses he lists on his landing page. I click link in email and go directly to landing page and it lists bonuses and then has gurus clickbank link in regular format which is affiliate.vendor.hop.clickbank.net as we know. So I notice that it has the gurus regular affiliate id he uses. I see this by putting my mouse over link and looking on my status bar in lower left of screen. I do not click gurus link.

I then go direct to the vendors page at their regular url. I click the order button and expect to see [affiliate=None] because I clicked no links but it has guru listed aboves cb id.

I double checked and went to vendors site through my cb link and it set my cookie and it appeared on the order page. Now it is set to my cb id. I go back to gurus email and click link in email and go direct to his landing page like I did above. I didn't click his affiliate link but when I go to vendors site through main domain name and click order button it is set back to gurus affiliate id on cb order page.

What is this I am seeing?
Is it cookie stuffing?
How does guru set cb id through link in email that goes to landing page.
Is it bluefart stuff?
Is it some php redirect that makes the vendors page open and close instantly so it sets the cb cookie and then redirects to gurus landing page?
Is it no big deal just a way for guru to make sure people on his list get his cookie so they can get his bonuses?

What do we think?

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    Sounds like cookie stuffing to me, perhaps he has a code on his landing page that will give him the sale regardless of whether you go to the sales page via his link or not.
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      Sounds like cookie stuffing to me.

      Unless this is due to some new and awesome software

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