Would you use Vimeo Plus for videos in your membership site?

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I am going to start a new membership site which will have video training modules. I was thinking of using vimeo plus instead of amazon s3 to save cost. Because soon my login infos will be shared and leaked. And my bandwidth costs will explode!

I saw that vimeo plus has domain level protection features too. Haven't tried it yet.

Have you?
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    If you have a membership site I would upload the videos in flash to your own server, much of that depends on the length of the video, but if it's less than 10 minutes and use flash you should be OK.

    A major factor with any membership site is security and protecting the value of your paying clients, so you need to have double login protection installed, otherwise you'll go broke.
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      Yeah, but he would still have the bandwidth issue if his login information got out.

      [QUOTE=mclauchlan;2598258]If you have a membership site I would upload the videos in flash to your own serverQUOTE]

      Personally, I have used vimeo for the exact reasons you are stating. I wanted to make sure my content ONLY showed up on my site. That vimeo plan works well and is a great price.

      I haven't had any problems and I my content hasn't been hijacked (at least not that I know of)

      For the amount they charge per year, it really is worth having as a tool in your arsenal even if this doesn't work out exactly as planned.

      -Scott Voss
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        I found their T+C

        You may not upload commercials, infomercials, or demos that actively sell or promote a product or service.

        Businesses may not use Vimeo to externalize their hosting costs. Vimeo (including Vimeo Plus) is not a business service.
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    how about looking at kajabi it includes video uploads within the whole service i believe
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    can vimeo plus be used even for commercial content?
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    Do not go with vimeo. They'll shut your account down if it's used for commercial content.
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    If you go to their community guidelines, lets just say that it is frowned upon.

    So no, you should not use them for this purpose and a hearty shame on me for that.

    The real thing they are looking to do is not to receive a massive amount of bandwidth usage from a minimal amount of cash return.

    In reality, unless you are using that function of vimeo to post to your private blog that doesn't have any adsense, banners, etc., then you are in violation of this.

    So, my perspective it is a good way to serve vids to test if the market is sustainable at which point it would be advisable to switch over to amazon or some other host.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    I take your point, also if you had a free blog attached to your membership site where you put some vids too then maybe they wouldn't realise how many vids are behind the wall!

    I cant figure out who would use plus and also want to limit videos by domain and choose not have them appear on vimeo if they weren't commercial at all?
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    You could use Amazon s3, WordPress & WishListMember. WishListMember has an IP limiter. You can set it at anything you want. If you set it to 3 IP's for example, if someone shared their password with more than 3 people the software would lock them out.

    I would set it to a higher number though because lots of people travel and will want to sign on from different locations. The main thing is that it will protect you from someone that may post their password on a sharing site to hundreds of people and really run up your s3 costs.
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