Why is there a huge difference between broad and exact match?

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How come there is such a huge difference between broad and exact match in google keyword tool?

I used to do keyword research with broad match. But my purpose is to get my web pages/posts/articles etc. ranked so exact match is best for SEO purposes, well I've heard.

Take this keyword:

Treatment for anxiety.. It has 110,000 monthly searches in broad match and 3,600 in exact match.

And another one, panic attack cures has 33,100 broad match and 2,400 in exact match.

And I have many more keywords like that...
I know the google keywoord tool is not 100% accurate, but the difference between broad and exact is extreme.

How come this happens?
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    Hi Kataya,

    This is a very basic explanation.

    Broad includes all of your words in any order. So if you are looking at rock and roll as a broad search, you would get results for that type of music, AND you could get results for ships that roll and rock in the water, or a bakery that sells rolls and has a building with a rock exterior.

    Exact is the same words, in the same order.

    All the best,

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    I don't know for sure (and I am sure someone will tell me if I am wrong) but I thought the difference came because a lot more people search for something without using exact match quotes and that is why the search rates are usually a lot lower. For some topics I haven't noticed as much of a difference, but in things like depression and anxiety i agree the difference in searches is quite a lot.

    Best wishes
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    exact match is the best when you're trying to gauge how popular a niche really is. It's also a way of 'forcing' Google to take note of 'stop words' that would otherwise be ignored.
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