Using a Real Name Vs. a Fake One

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I'm looking to start a website for dispensing marketing advice online and all that and I see a lot of the online marketing "moguls" out there who build their websites around their name and all of that. I'm a private person and would prefer to use an alias but I was curious as to other people's thoughts on this tactic, or real versus fake. Is there any harm in giving an alternate name with all of my brandon/on all of my sites and everything? I'd be doing videos and pictures of myself so I don't know that that makes a difference. I'd just prefer that people don't go sniffing around my more personal things which are associated with my real name online.
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    No, you won't be in legal trouble for using a "pen name". But, in the marketing niche itself, most use their real names. It's in the "other" niches they all use pen names.

    I would advise you to come up with an "alter ego" like "The Rich Jerk" did. Or use an alteration of your name, like Mike James if your name was Michael James Williams.
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    I prefer to us a pen name. I have a lot of articles that are ghost written and I don't like to take credit for them, I just want the links to my site.
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      Originally Posted by joyaf View Post

      I prefer to us a pen name. I have a lot of articles that are ghost written and I don't like to take credit for them, I just want the links to my site.
      True story:

      I am sitting at home the other night, furiously working on my first product launch. My girlfriend knows I am a writer, but she hasn't really seen all that much of the article work that I do. I haven't been hiding it, but most of it would just be plain boring to her.

      Anyway, around 1:00am she starts texting me asking if I am writing gay porn on the Internet. At first I thought she was joking, but as the text conversation went on I realized that she was really freaking out about it, so I called her.

      Turns out there is a rather prolific author who shares my real name who produces a ton of gay erotica.

      Fun night.
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      I use my real name when operating in markets where branding is important to me. That way, when I write articles or books on topics related to that market, my name adds authority to those works. My written output also serves to boost my reputation in that market, so the benefit is not only in one direction.

      When I'm writing for other markets, such as IM, I'm not so concerned with personal branding so choose a pen name which I think suits that market. For instance, I've written material on women's issues and usually adopt a female pseudonym that I think the reader will be able to identify with.

      A friend of mine does something similar. She was born and raised in India but writes English better that most Americans. Most of her writing is done using an Anglo-Saxon pen name to avoid any possible bias readers might feel because of her origins.

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        depending on whether we born with cool parents who thought ahead for us and give us wicked awesome names... sometimes we might feel that "pen names" or online alias may bring a nice ring or certain edge savy to market...

        5 lil' pigletz... :p

        Stay Cool...

        "To learn is to unlearn, to know is to unknow, rediscover & remaster everything...then relearn it ALL again!"
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