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If I locate an out of copyright book and wanted to submit it to the Kindle library, generally speaking how does one go from print on paper to getting it into a submitable format?
Do I have to manually type it out word by word, into a word document or similar, or, do folks who are doing this look for books that are already in an electronic format and go from there, it possible to scan a paper book and end up with something that could be submitted?
Thanks, new subject to me ...
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    You need to start with it in electronic format. Although the Kindle can read PDF documents (and thus the results of your scan) the user experience with PDF is very poor.

    To sell on the Kindle store it needs to be in Kindle (.azw) format. The most common way of doing this is to create your document in HTML format (usually with MS Word) and upload to Amazon using their DTP (Digital Text Platform) application.

    Another way is to create the file yourself using the MobiPocket Creator.

    You'll have to provide a hyperlinked table of contents and get rid of the page numbers, there is no such concept on the Kindle (users can change font sizes and types, so page numbers are irrelevant).

    Bear in mind that Amazon has clamped down on publishing works that are in the public domain. If the item is already in the Kindle catalog it can't be published again. This is a good thing - they really don't need another copy of "Think and Grow Rich".

    If you want to publish for other eReaders (i.e. Nook, Kobo, Sony PRS, iPad) you'll also want to create an ePub formatted copy of your book as well. Check out Smashwords for assistance with this.

    Hope this helps

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    Thats a great reply Bill, many thanks.
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    My pleasure, best of luck with your book.

    If you run into any issues feel free to drop me a PM - I've been immersed in a huge eReader development project for several months now so if you encounter a problem chances are I've already seen it!

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    As stated Amazon are clamping down on the common PD stuff, especially from the likes of Gutenberg and

    But if you have a relatively unique book simply scan it and run it thru an OCR (optical character recognition) process

    FYI there is a warrior called Timo who offers this service. Send him a book and get a disk back!!!

    From there it is a piece of cake to get it into kindle or other reader format...either do it yourself or throw up a quick job on worker or the like....

    If you add some an intro and some editing or combine it with another PD work you can actually create a new derivative/compilation that has some copyright protection. There are certain amounts of changes to qualify as a derivative but it is easy to achieve. As with all things legal check with a professional

    Anyway it's very easy and somewhat lucrative!

    Good luck

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