How to track JV sales and split money with them?

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Looking for solutions on how to track JV's sales/links and how to split the money with time, if I have a product and find some JVs are willing to promote? If I'm using paypal for the payment, how do I split the profit with them? Thanks
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    Hey cswjohnni,

    Well, it's quite simple actually.

    You have to get or use/pay for an affiliate platform.

    There are a few, like:
    E-junkie Shopping Cart for selling downloads & tangible goods (very simple and quite cheap frankly (paypal/google checkout/and other payment platform compatible) (more expensive I've heard, just as compatible if not more compatible).

    And you simply pay your affiliates through paypal (most affiliates have paypal, if not I believe you can send money to people bank accounts through paypal...)

    If you have any other questions go nuts

    Have a good one

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    RAP from what I've heard, is the top of the line... I modified 7DollarSecrets a bit to do the same thing, but RAP is still better.

    I looked for a long time for a script like that.


    Caleb Spilchen

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    RAP will allow you to set up a JV partner that is product specific and pay him a different % commission than affiliates. It does instant payment, so it runs itself.

    Works quite well.


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    RAP works great. John Leger's $7 script is a toned down version of that and it's free.
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