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I am abit stuck here, I have my own book product and have just had a website put together. A copywriter wrote a sales letter for me and I don't think he used any particular keywords.

Just today my website company said ...'just to help we have added these keywords (provided by google) to your website.' He listed about 50 but they weren't really any words that people would use to search for my product.

I now want to provide them with my own list of kw's (i know now I should have done this at the beginning). I am just wondering if these keywords I choose need to be on my sales copy or within the website, if for example I choose ones that are not in copy will they still have any benefit in terms of trying to rank for those kw's in google etc...

Lastly is it better to pick really low comp keywords?

Any help would really be appreciated.
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    You really want a main focus keyword and then include some longer tail version of that keyword. Then include them in your copy in a 'natural' fashion. Make sure your main keyword is also in your title and maybe in a H1 tag etc.
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    you can take help of Google adward which is useful tool for keyword finding
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    I was once told to never put the horse before the carriage and here is why; when you do that your not focusing on your market, you're focusing on your product. Keyword research is the first thing to check off on the list. Good luck and like others have mentioned use adwords tool provided free from google.

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