Anyone Know any Insider Tips to Speeding Up Split Testing ?

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I am just getting to A/B split testing using Google Optimizer.

Its pretty neat.

But I do not sell tons of copies of most of my products.

But I do capture names with a namecapture page right after a person clicks order now.

So I was thinking of making that the conversion page.

Sure, its not as pure as a true conversion, but, do you think its valid enough to gauge a headline split test?

Are there any other split testers out there? Of course there are, but you don't hear about it enough on here.

What about multivariate? Is that pretty neat?
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    Use the page after they subscribe to your list as your
    conversion page.

    This will then give you the visitor-to-subscriber opt-in
    rate for your A and B page variations and let you know
    which page has the highest conversion rate.

    Then once your test is complete, test another variation
    against the winner.

    Do this consistently and your opt-in rates will increase.

    Dedicated to your success,



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    I used to split test. It has real time tracking so you can see results instantly vs waiting for 24hrs to get results back. This is especially useful for a site that has a lot of traffic, so you will know if a new copy is not working within hrs instead of having to wait all day and potentially lose some revenue.

    The other cool thing is it is free.
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      Wow neat thank you.

      What about an affiliate if mine

      Is there a way I can put a code on my site to track her conversions?

      Because with Website Optimizer it has to be same-domain..
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