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Hi Warriors,

I have currently stepped up my marketing campaigns but would like a little clarification on uploading the same article to hundreds of directories.

I understand that the more unique and helpful an article is, the more "powerful" the backlink will be. However, I dont agree (like many) about article spinning because in the end, wherever the article ends up - it should still be a good article. What I have recently come across is that many people dont worry about getting an article rewritten or spun prior to submitting it and they say it yields good results. So, even though the same article is on hundreds of websites, do they still qualify as good backlinks if the article is well written?

At the moment im not risking my funds on Unique Article Wizard but my free traffic marketing campaign is going something like this for a days work:
  1. Upload 3 classified adverts to the top 6 free classified websites.
  2. Create 5 keyword related videos using my chosen video editor.
  3. Upload these vidoes to various sites through Easy Push Button Traffic.
  4. Social bookmark the videos from Youtube.
  5. Write 3 high quality keyword articles and get them sent out to the top 10 directories using EPBT - each linking back to my website. (same article, no rewrites.)
  6. Book mark the 3 articles from one of the top directories.
  7. Then, write 3 articles on the same keywords as above and push them out to hundreds of directories with Article Marketing Robot. The resource box will contain two links: one pointing to one of the earlier submitted articles on the relevant keyword; and the second will point back to my website.
Is this a flawed method or am I on the right track? And please let me know what your thoughts are on sending out the same artice to hundreds of directories. If it is a helpful article and written well, will all those links still count?

All advice appreciated.

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    Hi Antony,

    Overall, your strategy is solid and should yield effective results.

    Regarding sending out the same article, yes, these will still count as

    To your success,
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    Your strategy is SOUND, no doubt, but the
    truth is that it can be MORE sound, if you
    spin your articles before submitting them to
    the hundreds of other article directories.

    You see, Google WON'T (no matter what
    anyone else tells you) index 100s of the
    versions of the exact articles that you submit.
    Heck, even if you spin and submit them,
    Google STILL WON'T index ALL the
    versions, but LOTS of them will be indexed,
    making it better than just submitting the
    same article to all the article directories.

    And when I say article spinning here, note
    that I am not talking about creating junk
    with automated article spinners. I am talking
    about really rewriting an article's sentences
    or paragraphs a couple of times and putting
    them together {in|this|format}, then spinning
    to create unique versions, then submit each
    unique version to the hundreds of article
    directories, ensuring that you use as many
    keywords as possible in your resource boxes
    and link back to as many of the corresponding
    urls as possible - Keywords|URLs.

    Add this to your strategy and you will surely
    achieve better results,

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      Hi Guys,

      Thanks for the response. I will have a look for software so I can change the last 3 articles around a little. Im not sure how to do this properly in the Article Marketing Robot since im still on the trial but will have a look.

      Nice to know im on the right track though.

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      Originally Posted by warriorkay View Post

      You see, Google WON'T (no matter what
      anyone else tells you) index 100s of the
      versions of the exact articles that you submit.
      I'll bet that is exactly why I cannot find any copies of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Pledge of Allegiance, Lyrics to "Stairway to Heaven", Bible Verses, etc...

      Google has eliminated them because they never, NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE TELLS YOU, index 100's....

      Oh crap, they do...

      (NOTE: This is NOT recommending you spam article directories with 100's of your articles.)
      Brain Drained...Signature Coming Soon!
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    If you want to change your articles (which is a good idea - you can never have too much unique, quality content floating around out there), save yourself some time and frustration and do it by hand (or pay someone to do it by hand).

    Even the spinners that use brackets, parenthesis, and lord knows what else, still churn out content that's way worse than you could create yourself - AND it takes alot more time to do. I fiddled around with a couple of spinners a few months ago (not for my clients, mind you, just with some of my own writing samples) to see if there was anything to the hype.

    By the time I bracketed things and came up with synonyms, it was WAY faster to just rewrite it by hand. I can rewrite a 500 word article in about 15 minutes. The bracketing alone took far longer than that, and that didn't even include the time it took to scour the spun content for grammar mistakes (which are going to come out, and which you are going to have to fix before you publish anything anywhere).
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