How making a vid out of a PP presentation?

by bwh1
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I have only basic video software

Camstudio Pro and WMM.

Can I use those to turn a PP presentation into a video?

Can't find an "import file" feature.

Does the PP presentation have to be already animated or are the single slides enough?

Appreciate any help.

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    A while ago I found somewhere a very basic method to do it:
    - have a presentation ready, without animation
    - save it (all the slides) as Image - yes, there is such an option under File
    - import the images into WMM
    - record the audio with audacity (it's free)
    - put the audio under the storyline
    - adjust the time length for showing each image according to your audio
    - optional: add "effects" in between the images

    This video has been done exactly like that (+ some other images) - Baby Boomer Pension Crunch - Uploaded by DigitalPension

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      You could try using Jing, which is free from Techsmith. I used that until I finally got Camtasia, and both work like a charm
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    And there is always the thought of downloading the 30-day free trial of Camtasia, which integrates directly with PowerPoint. If you sell your video or use it to generate revenue you can use some of the profits to buy it.

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    Thanks to all of you.

    Making a pic is most probably the easiest way to make the vid with WMM or Jung, good idea.


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