My First eBook Website: How Did This Noob Do?

by kusumo
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I just got done building my first ebook website.

Please give me any feedback you can (niche comments, copy writing, website etc.). Website can be viewed here: How to Obtain Fame and Fortune as an Unsigned Recording Artist

I really appreciate it and want to say thanks to WF for providing a great source of education.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jared Alberghini
    First of all, Congrats on creating your first product! That's the first step to becoming a successful Internet Marketer!

    Secondly on the review, I hope you have some thick skin for an honest review from me... I'm just trying to help make you more money, no offense hopefully taken...

    #1 The niche is solid... musicians who want to make it big are desperate buyers, and will invest into making their dreams come true.

    #2 Your Website didn't WOW me... It needs a more professional look. Take a step back and think as if you were in your customers' shoes... If I were a musician, looking at other recording industry websites, I would expect a more up to date/professional looking site if I were willing to drop some cash on it. Let's face it, starving artists don't have much money to spend... so you have got to look the part to entice these people to invest in you and your products.

    More review tips coming soon... I will post more observations here...

    - Jared


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  • Profile picture of the author kusumo
    Thank you for your response, Jared. I won't be offended with any criticism. I realize that the only way to get better and learn is to listen to those with more experience and success in IM than I posses.

    With that said, anyone else have any criticisms that will help me improve the website?
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    • Profile picture of the author alyoung
      The product looks promising but the sales page could look better.

      It needs a better heading and intro to grab the reader's attention.

      Text kind of gets jumbled in the middle of the page. Hard to read. Consider either shortening it or adding colors, changing fonts or adding video to make the text jump out.

      Also try adding a few more testimonials and more calls to action(buy) higher up in the page.

      A very good effort and product. With some improvements to the sales page, it should do well.
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  • Profile picture of the author dhudiburg
    Great job for your first time out!



    1) Squeeze the table width down to 750px
    2) Get rid of the red bars, they STOP people from reading further
    3) Put your headline in Title Case (no period at end)
    4) Use a larger Sans Serif font for body copy
    5) Delete this line from the sub-head "Our information is exclusively for the independent artist. Have a record label contract? Unfortunately you've come to the wrong place. " No need to write *anything* that is not targeted to your buyers, especially in the most important real estate on the page.
    6) I'm not sure of the "opt-in to get $10.00 off approach" at a minimum, you need to group the opt-in offer all into it's own box and really punch up the copy there. Maybe call it an instant coupon? It's has value but it distracts and confuses right at the crucial moment.
    7) Definitely more testimonials.

    I'm also not sure alyoung's suggestion of more order buttons would help. THAT can only be determined with testing but my gut tells me just use one.
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  • Profile picture of the author kusumo
    All very good tips guys. Definitely be doing a video with the artist this weekend. That was a good tip alyoung. dhudiburg, you are correct about the opt-in box now that I think about it. It is distracting at the absolute wrong moment. It's amazing that I didn't think about these things! A third-party eye is really helpful.

    Also, if anyone wants a free copy of the product in exchange for a possible testimonial, please PM me.
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  • Profile picture of the author Ivan Correces
    Here's a few things I noticed...

    - Your headline isn't strong enough...The first thing I saw entering your salespage was the picture. You need an attention-grabbing headline to keep visitors pasted to the screen.

    - Secondly, usually when I skim through a site to see what the product is about, I like to see the benefits and features...These are commonly delivered in bullet points. I didn't see any on your site.

    - Third, I suggest you have an opt-in to collect emails. It's always good to build a list.

    Hope that helps and good luck with your site.

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