So - let's do a quick brain exercise.....

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You go grab your coffee coaster - you know, your yellow pages that you never use. You open it up, and, start seeing big ads in there - ads that require a lot of money.

So - you, as a marketer - what do you start thinking?

Let's hear some thoughts!
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    In general, advertisers on YP are not keeping up with the times. Good luck to those who get a good bang for their buck from it.
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    I would be thinking about how to get these people online - saving them a small fortune by getting them highly targeted search engine traffic.

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    I think.... If only this book were thicker, I might just be able to make some good use out of it by standing on it to reach high objects.

    I think Abdul nailed it! It's a goldmine to find customers who still have no websites!
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    Very good! So - grabbing just a phone book - and nothing else - what can we do to make some instant and/or residual income, without ever having to walk in the front door of a business?

    Have you ever been a ticked off customer? My reports gets you Satisfaction and Resolution! Click HERE to check it out!

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