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Just wanted to make a notice...I am very happy when i see young people here in this forum,teenagers,that are committed to succeed.They know so many stuff and most of them are making money online.

I cannot recall at the moment his username but i was impressed when reading a post yesterday here at the forum, i saw a reply from a boy aged 13!I am 27 years old and feel stupid in front of them.

Go on guys.I am very happy for you.Most kids of your age are stuck in front of their TV or Playstation all day long.Show them the right path!

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    I just started IMing, I don't know if you call 17 little anymore, but I'm going to stay little for as long as I can.


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    I think I'm a young entrepreneur (19 now, 16 when I started), but there really is some guys that beat me to the punch... 13! Incredible!

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      Originally Posted by darylimjz View Post

      Yes I've met a 13 yo IMer too. Amazing

      And please don't feel stupid. There's nothing wrong with the fact that you came to know IM a bit later. I'm sure you would have got into it if you knew earlier

      Originally Posted by Caleb Spilchen View Post

      There are quite a lot of young adult warriors in here... who are making great strides
      I am talking about Warriors like your age.15 or something...Congratulations guys!Keep the flame alive Caleb and Daryl!

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    There are quite a lot of young adult warriors in here... who are making great strides

    Canadian Expat Living in Medellin, Colombia

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    Congratulations, that's a good start

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    I started "regular" work when I was thirteen as a cashier... if only I'd started IM at that age! You guys have an incredible opportunity to take advantage of having fewer responsibilities and worries and make some money now. Just put some away in a savings fund you don't touch until you're out of your teens... believe me, you'll thank yourself over and over later.

    I'm technically still in my teens, though. :p
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      Originally Posted by Zabrina View Post

      I started "regular" work when I was thirteen as a cashier... if only I'd started IM at that age!
      Exactly what I find myself thinking all the time.

      Originally Posted by Zabrina View Post

      I'm technically still in my teens, though. :p
      I suspected it.

      These threads make me feel like an old lady: I haven't been a teenager for 14 months now. :p
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        Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

        Exactly what I find myself thinking all the time.
        I'm kind of glad I got the "real world" experience, though. It teaches you a lot more than school can. :p

        I suspected it.

        These threads make me feel like an old lady: I haven't been a teenager for 14 months now. :p
        Psh, don't say that... I don't have that long left before I have to stop saying I'm a teen. It's about how young you feel!
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    Hahahaha, this is crazy. Very impressed with how much some of these young marketers know.

    Congrats on them for not following the system, or atleast not following the herd like everyone else that goes to school just to get a job.

    I wish I stuck around longer a few years back when I first discovered IM.

    Now I feel like an old fart

    I'm not that old but I know talent when I see it.


    - Dean
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    It's difficult to be so committed in something at the age of 13 or 1 let's say.I am 27 years old now and sometimes i find it really difficult to be so "attached" to IM.I wish i had discovered IM world too some years ago.But you know what they say...

    Better late than...NEVER.....

    At least we use to say that in Greece!

    PS I am proud of all the teen warriors.I REALLY am!

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  • Fair play for sticking it out guys!!
    I started when i was 14, had my own business setup it was called stepupincome but due to not having a bank account and using my parents they shut it down as they thought it was a scam when money started coming it. (it was product creation in the early days in fact)
    i got to 18 and i was busy doing 18 year old stuff. i got back on it a few years ago and when i look back at how much easier it was i cry LOL. Google number one with meta keywords lol.
    I love internet marketing and i think i will do it for the rest of my life,as well as building friends i get a great sense of achievement when i succeed in certain tasks.
    i am 26 now and i wish the younger generations all the luck in the world....
    Good luck guys
    (Concentrate on your own business, not promoting others) did i say that out loud....
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  • 21 here but i started ebaying at 18.thats where my interest in internet marketing started

    Disclosure: I am not making money on line yet...soon though!

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    Am i the 13 year old ??

    Feel free to ask me any IM related questions or add me on skype :D
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    I was 18 years old when I started Internet Marketing for the first time... that was 6 years ago. Well, I'm still young at heart!
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    I wonder how many young online marketers are actually active Warriors? I personally like the Warrior forum, it's a great resource. But, I'm a young online marketer and I don't spend a lot of time on the forum at all. I'm sure there are a lot more young internet marketers than we think, they just aren't popular on the Warrior Forum.
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    I'm 17. I've always been making money online but I'm new to the Internet Marketing scene.
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    Hey Dimitris

    I agree and I think it's great to see younger people posting here. I wish I'd had (or realised) those opportunities when I was younger and best of luck to everyone that age just starting out. You've got a fantastic future ahead of you.

    I think it's also just as great seeing older people posting here. I'm over 45 and am probably a late starter in most things and wish I'd got into IM at a younger age.

    Hmmm. the internet wasn't even thought of when I was a teeneager

    Anyway - I think warrior forum is an awesome place to meet like minded people and am continually amazed at the range of people in the forum. Old or young doesn't matter, it's the mind set that matters and the amount that people give in this forum regardless of age always continues to inspire me.

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    I'm not a teen, but started in my teens and now I'm enjoying the
    process of making an incredible living...no wait, it's a lifestyle .

    I'm 22. And I too, am inspired by people younger than In marketing
    online or off.
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    I wish the internet had been around when I was younger. I'm 31 now, so an old .... (deleted for younger viewers).

    I use to make more than most adults as a pre-teen. I use to buy job lots from the Exchange & Mart, then resell through the local paper. I have to say everyone thought I was weird as a kid in business, and it would have been great to have an online community like you guys are enjoying now. I hope you all make the most of it, and don't get distracted by the dreaded Xbox LOL.

    I write articles and eBooks - PM me for details!
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    What I love about IM is that anyone with determination, patience, and a willingness to learn can do it! Whether teens or grandparents, it will never be age that prevents (or is responsible for) success. And isn't that a wonderful thing?!
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    Yeah, it is really great! The internet doesn't limit IMers. Anyone can do it really just as long as you are determined to meet your goals and learn endlessly.
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    I wish that I had started when I was younger.
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      When I was 13, we did not even have more than 10 channels on the TV... LOL

      I started playing on TRS-80's at 15 as a programmer...

      When I was 16, Apple built its first computer...

      But, it wasn't until I was 30 years old that I even had access to the Internet...

      Darn my luck... I had to wait for technology to catch up with my dreams...
      Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA, PlattPublishing.com
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    yup agree...kids nowadays mature so fast! Duno how many of you here have read "Parable of the Pipeline" by Burke Hedges, wonderful book that got me started in IM, wished I'd came across that book earlier. Well, time to make up for lost time!! All the best to all warriors!
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    I would have never thought of posting anything on this forum until I saw this post. I have been around the forum for three months now but never thought of registering. Now, I see some dedicated teens like me, I am so happy. I'm 18 already, but it still in teen years, right?

    Anyway, I started just this year in IM. I made my first sale in September 23, 2010. Up to date, Since that Sept. 23, I have made 4 sales from Clickbank, $5 from Adsense and 68 opt-ins with all three of my websites on page 1 of Google. Not a lot but I think it's a stepping stone.

    I'm glad @Garage667 started this post. Keep on rocking guys!
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    hey im 20 this year and i've not made a single cent from the internet . Thanks for the inspiration guys im gonna start today by starting a website for people to go when their bored haha
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    My own brother is 18 now, but he's still into his active teenage lifestyle, and not too keen on IM right now.

    Well, I introduced him to do some gigs for some quick cash, hope somewhere along the line, he might pick up an interest in IM.

    Then again, it's all up to him
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