How to get new affiliates.

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I have just launched a new product through Clickbank and I am looking for affiliates. It has not yet been listed in the Clickbank marketplace, so I am currently searching for affiliates.

The product is a guide on how to make money with RSS. It is a unique product, and has a great sales page.

What directories, blogs, forums are best to find affiliates.

The guide caters to affiliate marketers, so I will get more affiliates as people visit the site. I am just looking for a way to jump start the whole process.

Also, are you allowed to place a product with different companies at the same time. For example, sell through Clickbank and Paydotcom at the same time.
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    1st getting affiliates is just like getting buyers you need to sell them on you and your idea.

    2nd you need to go to adwords and find who is already selling what you have to offer and see if they would like to be a affiliate for your product and also sign up to be a affiliate for there product as well.

    3rd look at doing a follow swap with them.

    4th you need to be able to give number that people can look at. Will it convert at 1%, 5%? What did the OTO convert at?

    These are things I want to know before I do anything.

    5th once you get 1 affiliate to promote for you take the resultes and tell other people what you have done and what they can expect. Seeing that other people did it is a huge factor.

    6th THIS IS A BIG ONE...go find some ezines that your target affiliates might be reading and place a few ads in there looking ofr affiliates. This can be a huge money maker if done right.

    7th find the target market were your product would fit with other products and add value. Get them to add you to the thank you page.....THIS ONE IS THE BEST AND EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW THIS IS WERE THE MONEY IS. THE THANK YOU PAGE.

    8th provide a 2nd tier bonus for anybody who brings in a affiliate for you. This could be money or anything of value.

    9th provide everything a affiliate could ever need to promote your product.

    10th make a list of your top dream affiliates and send them a letter in the mail telling them about yourself and that you want to work with them and what you can offer them in return.

    11th just pick up the phone and call people who can help you and just get to know them.
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    Hi aaaball,

    Before looking for affiliates, I think it would be good to ask yourself what is the conversion of your sales page.

    Affiliates are going to spend time, money and effort promoting your product. So it is good to at least let them know how is your conversion.

    You will also need to improve on your sales page as I see some more things like testimonials, proof of earnings can be added.

    As for looking for affiliates, ask yourself what they want...

    perhaps high commission, easy to use tools, copy and paste ads and so set up a proper affiliate page with all these tools available and not just a clickbank id affiliate link.

    You can also set up an optin page to capture their info.

    You may want to increase the value of your book to say $67 or even $97 as 70% of US$27 is quite little compared to other products in Clickbank.

    Normally affiliates will look out for high ticket item with high commission and a good conversion.

    Hope these info are useful.

    My 2 cents,
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    I think most affiliates would want to know the conversion rate before they decide to promote your product.

    It's logical for them to think of it that way.

    The best thing to do now is to generate traffic to your salespage, test and see the conversion rate.

    Then, use that conversion rate to pitch to the affiliates.
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      It is unique and just launched yesterday. Anyone who promotes it now would have the advantage of moving first. It is original and is not a rebranded or resold product.
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    The affiliate support page has been updated, and the sales page has been improved. As well, the product is now listed in the Clickbank Marketplace.
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    ... OR find a JV Broker, someone who can organize affiliates for you at either a fixed price or a perc of profit coming from his/her jv partners / affiliates.

    PM me for another idea!

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