A Traffic Plan in 6 easy steps

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Hey there Warriors,

Just making a really quick post to help some of you start seeing traffic if you haven't already. SEO can take a little while to have your results show up, not mention it's complicated. Well worth learning properly, but in the mean time...

...if you need to get traffic fast, I have a small action plan for you:

1. Gather information for a short mini report, around 3-10 pages, MAX!

2. Give away high value information (not everything!), and make it an exciting read. Don't be afraid to put some personality into it (which is in desperate need in the online world).

3. Set up a VERY compelling call to action at the end of the report. Thank the reader, then tell them how they can take their knowledge to the next level (related to the report, this should be unsaid but i've seen a guy write about BICYCLES on an EzineArticle, and a call to action to go to an INTERNET MARKETING website... wtf?).

4. Model your call to action after succesful sales pages if you get stuck on this. This is crucial. Send the call to action to a SQUEEZE PAGE, or LOW PRICED product (which you can funnel for higher ticket products).

5. Compile the report into PDF format. With Word just go Save As > PDF

6. Submit your report to...

Free-ebooks.net | Download free Fiction, Health, Romance and many more ebooks
Download Free Ebooks

You can find more directories by searching up Google, but those 2 get some great results

Have fun Warriors!

- Dean
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