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On average 85% of the marketing emails I send out are unopened.

This statistic is the same for recipients who are already my customer! I could be telling them something vitally important about their services but they will never know because they don't bother to open the email!

So the subject line of the email must be putting openers off. I've tried funny lines & straightforward 'For Your Information' lines.

On the upside I am not exhausting my email list! On the downside I'm sending emails that aren't enticing enough to even open!

What subject line would encourage you to open the email? Must be clean of course.
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    Jack, your open rates might not be as low as you think if you are relying on a tracking pixel for proof.

    Many email programs default to images off for security reasons, so it's quite possible that people are reading your emails without triggering the tracking mechanism.

    Others scan emails in the preview pane, and may never open them. This is even more prevalent if your emails are text-heavy and easily read without graphics.
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    What you need to do is

    1.Send Newsletter with so High Quality Information Which is really Intreasting

    2.Send Less Affiliate links

    3.Have a teaser headline without the word free and Use things like [Success Story][7 Tricks of...][My Invention]
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    If your stats are consistently showing around a 15% open rate, I'd say you're doing better than most.
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    15% is pretty good. Do not be too hard on yourself. Test headlines, ask your list for feedback and make the necessary changes.

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    First, make sure that your tracking is really accurate. Send out a broadcast with the subject line, "I Need Your Help". Basically state that you think there could be a problem with the software you are using and you would like for everyone to please fill out a 30 second survey.

    So now you have a link to your site with the survey in which you have three questions, "How Often Do You Receive My Emails?", "How Often Would You Like To Receive My Emails?" and "What Do I Need To Do To Spice Things Up Around Here?".

    Make sure that all of your answers are something funny, for example:
    How Often Do You Receive My Emails?
    - About Once A Day
    - About Once A Week
    - This Is The First One
    - TOO OFTEN!!

    How Often Would You Like To Receive My Emails?
    - More Often
    - Less Often
    - I've Never Even Heard Of You Before!
    - What Is This "Email" That You Speak Of?

    What Do I Need To Do To Spice Things Up Around Here?
    - Send Me More Great Offers
    - Give Me More Free Stuff
    - Post A YouTube Vid Of You Hula-Hooping

    Yeah, OK, maybe not my best work but it took all of two minutes. Make sure you have tracking on that site and you should get a pretty good indicator of your clicks at least. And if you have more people visiting your survey than your tracking says even opened an email you know its a tracking glitch.

    There are plenty of known problems and fixes, your autoresponder should have some listed.

    Kind Regards,
    Sid Poudyal

    Send me a PM for anything, anytime. Seriously.

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    use tracking link inside your email and test your list. if you are getting 5-10 CTR to your list then u should not worry much about ur list response.
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    I would start building a better relationship with them give them an awesome stack the deck bonus and survey them, yes 15% is not bad but 85% is a whole lot better! I have worked with people that have built such a good relationship with their subscribers that the open rate is around the 145% mark (yes emails are getting open 2x or more per person). Pretty cool stuff.

    What he and I do is this;
    Test headlines- record them and track them in an excel document include the open rate %
    Segmentation and this is huge. We segment the lists via demographics, because we survey them over and over and over again. We ask them some simple question like what is you biggest fear
    what is your greatest strength
    what stopping you from making money online

    then from that information plus the information from the webinar we create a product for that segment of the group.

    remember to be ultra targeted and to the point and relevant to your audience.

    Blueprint Solutions - Looking For People to Resell our Services, Clients pay double the price to our resellers.
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    I think you're doing pretty good with a 15% open rate. If you're using a tracking pixel as was pointed out earlier, you're probably a point or two or three above that.

    Just accept that not everyone is going to open your mail. You may have a compelling subject, great content - but if the recipient isn't in that frame at the point in time they see the email, it's not going to get opened. It ALL depends on the current point of focus.

    I'd bet dollars to donuts that if you sent identical mails 3 days in a row, you'll have one group of people who'll open it because it's from you, and a different group each day that will open it because the subject was something they were interested in at that point in time.

    It's kind of a crap shoot - that's why it's so great to have a large list (lists) of buyers.

    The 2nd Amendment, 1789 - The Original Homeland Security.

    Gun control means never having to say, "I missed you."

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    Because of the rash of emails being sent to individuals,most of them are deleted and go into the trash. Since the whole email marketing thingy is a number's game. I would suspect that your open rate is great. You are calculating 15% open rate, how many sales are you receiving, that could represent a GREAT income.

    If we are teaching and instructing rather than selling to our email list, then the conversion increase when you do offer a quality product. Put on a legitimate contest and offer $100.00 to the person who tells you what you offered or said on line 24 of your last email.

    First respondent wins $100.00. Wonder how many opens you would have then. You can also find out if those unopened emails are "real email subscribers"

    You can also do an audit and tell your subscribers that you are updating your email list and if they no longer want to be on the list to let you know.
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    Maybe most of the people over the net NOW, have become sellers themselves... lol !!!!

    So maybe that 5% or 10% remamining must be only the buyers. As you can see any tom-dick and harry is selling something or the other on the net.
    Poker Software
    Poker Blog
    Life is GOOD! :)
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    I think you can thank the constant bombardment of messages trying to sell stuff for that. If the people on your list are also subscribed to just a few of the top marketers out there, then all they'll get are marketing messages (which I consider junk!).

    I stay subscribed to most lists just to keep an eye on the market. If I opened and read most of them I would be buying something everyday.

    There's only one marketer's email that I open, and that's Andre Chaperon. Why? Because he sometimes give me some solid information for helping my business. When he recommends stuff, I buy

    My advice would be to deliver more content and less aff links. And whatever you do, please don't start using the headline Re: Your Commission, people hate those!

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