Anyone tried Wordpress Direct?

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Hey Warriors,

I was just checking out the 30 day challenge and saw that they are recommending Wordpress Direct as a better and more convenient of managing your wordpress blogs.

Anyone here actually using this? Care to share some feedback?

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    Thanks Nikitta! I'm a newbie too! Your right the information on 30day challenge is very suitable for anyone to get started. And I downloaded the trial version of market samurai and I think its an indispensable tool for all internet marketers.

    Wish you success in your IM endeavors!
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    Hey Guys/Gals

    I was a WP-Direct user a while back, it is easy to use and easy to manage multiple blogs.
    They also have built-in themes to choose from and automated content scripts that posts content according to the keywords you provide (A'La WP-Robot)

    But like you i was just starting out then (Knew nothing about WordPress)at the end of the day the cost was just not viable.

    "And I downloaded the trial version of market samurai and I think its an indispensable tool for all internet marketers."
    Best IM software i have purchased thus far. I can't recommend MS enough, good Keyword Research is the cornerstone to a successful website.
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      Hi Flareman,

      I'm a Wordpress Direct customer and so far It's working for me.

      I followed the 3DC two years ago and Wordpress Direct was offering the first 3 installs for free with paid hosting at Host Gator (a hosting service I can't say enough good things about, by the way)

      Their selling point was being able to get your WP site ranked high.


      ...presently the WP site I have is in position #2 (as I write this) of the Google SERP.

      Truth be told, I'm not really sure why.

      The site languished at position #1 on page 2 on the Google SERP for a reeeeeealy long time.

      Recently I've gotten off my b*tt and taken a more active roll and within a month I'm now #2 on page one.

      So, there you go.

      If they're still offering the free installs I say go for it.
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        You've just named one of the most popular blogging platforms. They didn't get popular by a chance... Don't hesitate to use it.
        Signature - PPC agency

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    It is very user friendly and only $19/mo.
    I am currently a WPD customer and I think it's not bad for the price.
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      I have used WPD and I have to say I wasn't blown away by it. I must admit that it is fairly easy to use and is great for those who are unable to install wordpress themselves. However I find it a lot easier to use the WP Admin for posting and making any changes to the blog itself.

      I also feel that the emails I receive from them are extremely spammy and constantly misleading. The title and even body of the email will suggest a free product but once at the download page there is some ridiculous price required.

      Having said that I am on the free membership and its is useful enough to put up with a few annoying emails. I also think that some of the paid options are where the real strengths of the service lie.
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    wp direct is a real time saver if you are making lots of sites

    if you don't make a lot of sites, it probably don't worth the fee
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